After all, I still love you

                         After all, I still love you

Time passed, I really did not remember him very much, I just focused on my studies, I finished my second grade with very good grades and I started in August my third year with the best, in fact I joined a football team and I improved My performance in this sport was going very well, until the end of August. Sonia one of my friends had contact with Manual they got along very well, one day she showed me one of her conversations with him from WhatsApp, where she said she missed me a lot, that she was, and wanted to know about me. I heard an audio, I do not remember what he said, the only thing I remember is that he listened very sorry and sincere, yes, that's right, I believed him again. I was very confused, because he said he did not love me. I could not stand it, and that same night I looked for him I said:

Me: Sonia taught me all her conversation with you, I really do not understand why you say that you miss me if one day you told me you did not feel anything for me and you did not want to know more about me, explain why.

He: forgive me, I love you, I did not want to have a relationship with you because I did not want to hurt you before I was an idiot and first I wanted to change for you give me a chance

Me: it's fine I give you a chance show me how it's changed. A whole week we were chatting and he said:

He: you like guys with beards
Me: because the question?
El: because I would love to be Gomez. (This is my last name).
Me: I would love to be Zepeda !, but not yet, I need to recover the confidence I had with you.

The: do not worry

We kept chatting, he dedicated songs to me, I dedicated songs to him, we talked to each other as if we were boyfriends, we were like prenovices rather. I told him that I really wanted to see him, he told me that he wanted to see me, we agreed to meet in a park.

I thought he would not go, but he was there, waiting for me. As soon as he saw me, he approached me to hug me, we had never embraced, that was our first hug. And the longest hug I've ever had, it was so nice that we sigh at the same time. We talked for a few hours he gave me a ride on his motorcycle, he took me by the hand and took me to the swings we were there for a while until he got a call allegedly from his mother had to go. I wonder if he wanted to take me to my house I told him it was fine we arrived, we gave each other the last hug I said:

I- Goodbye, I love you!
He-oh, I'm the same!
Without a doubt that was the best day of my life.

A few days later, I was willing to have a relationship with him. But he said no, there was someone else, I felt so bad, I should never have believed him again, he lied to me as he did so many times.

Today I realize that men like that never change, that I do not change for him, much less for me. He will still be the same unhappy and lying guy I know now, even if he says he has changed. Maybe, I regret having met him and loving him, but I think we should not regret the mistakes we make, I think it's not a mistake if not, one more lesson in my life, and learn to analyze the situation a little, a situation like mine. But that's not why you have to close other people. And you should not hold a grudge because I do not think it's a good thing for anyone.

Today I have already forgiven him for a long time, but having forgiven him does not mean that I will return with him, although I still love him, it is not like that. I still do not know when I'll stop loving him, but as long as the day comes I will not stop meeting new guys. Now a chap who has entered my life, he is my new chapter and I have to start writing it, and I love him very much, I know that I am afraid that he will be equal to Manuel, but I have already had a lesson, and that lesson will help me to continue forward and not make mistakes.

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