Work and souvenirs

                        Work and souvenirs

If I had raised this situation a month ago without thinking twice I would have said never would. I travel for 3 weeks to a place far from my home town. It's the first time I've been away from home for so long. Love had not been something that I will remember with illusion. Many disappointments had made me lonely and incredulous. I counted on very good friendships and an occasional couple with whom I took my desires and lightened the loneliness that accompanied me everywhere. Although at the end of the account I was happy. He had a loving family and a good job.

When I was offered the opportunity to travel to my current destination I planned to go, visit places, have fun, return home and continue with my normal life. But she appeared. I am a supervisor in a souvenir shop. She works as a cashier in said room. We looked at each other, and it was normal for me to say hello to my employees. I have never had anything to do with any of my subordinates. It seemed unprofessional and an obstacle to my work. It was also prohibited. However, do not pay much attention to that girl. I seemed nice and attractive but I met many girls equal or more beautiful than her before and never caused that effect on me.

But she managed to conquer me. The first day I met her, leaving work, she told me that because of the traffic of the place, sometimes you get to your house faster if you walk a little and take the bus later. So I told him to walk. It was very nice, we talked, I made her laugh a few times. We met a little. As it was the first time I went through certain places, she offered to take me a photograph at certain attractive points along the way. I'm not very photogenic. But I told him I was fine. I offered to take a picture. She agreed. It was weird She insinuated me things that made me feel confused. I liked. But I did not think to fall into their networks. Could not. He told me that what happened here, he stayed here. Is seriously? Even though my ego was rising, I did not think even a little that I would fall into that. I should not. I did not want to. Or if? I do not know.

We said goodbye. I told him that I wanted to know the observatory of the city. There was not one in my place of origin, I wanted to know what it was about. He said yes. I did not ask for your number. At work there was a whatsapp group where all the employees were. I had just been added. I told him I would look for it. The next day I sent him a message saying that he could go. He told me he could not because he had a family issue to deal with. I thought they were the typical excuses that they put to avoid saying "I do not want to." Possibly if it was, but I did not care. I wanted to know the place and I left. A fiasco In the place there was only a small exhibition of fauna of the area and where it must be the observatory had basketball courts. I was disappointed to work and continue with my daily tasks.

She flirted me a lot. It was close to me. It was weird I felt self-conscious. Even though I'm not shy, it's hard for me to take the first step in this conquest. I was dry with her. It was just a matter of work. I am your boss, you must respect me. I called attention to something he did. Seriously? Why do you get mad at me? I do not care. She must fix her affairs. I did not do anything wrong. In the end we go out and tell him if he wants to walk. She tells me she is tired. I tell her if she is angry. He says no. I thought to wait for it. Pass my truck. He tells me that I can go.

I did not like that he was so bad with me because of some of the work. I'm leaving and I leave her at the truck stop. I did not feel remorse. She might do it like that. At the time he sends me a message saying that tomorrow we were walking that the traffic was horrible. I tell him it's okay. I liked it. I do not know anyone here I need company. Then the next day we walk. During that day he was giving me hints. For the first time I corresponded. Going out I thought to steal a kiss. I definitely liked it. She liked me.

When we were going to leave, another co-worker tells us that he will also leave with us. We went talking on the road laughing the three of us and every time I could brush my hand with hers. There was a stretch where we were holding hands. As if nobody looks at us. It was very nice to know that she corresponded to me. At one point the partner felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was a good plan to make him leave. We walked a little more.

I told him he thought about me. He told me he liked it. I told her that she did too. I stole a kiss. I did not return it. She said she was impressed. It was not expected. Because she had flirted with me so much if she did not want anything? I was a little disappointed. I thought maybe it was a tool that she used to be able to take advantage of my work. I got a bit defensive. It was going to be cold. I was not going to fall for his game. The rest of this story can be seen soon. She is sending me messages, she asks me if I miss her. Do not you think it's obvious? Anyway. Greetings, hearts in love.

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