Hello, my name is Antonella and I'm about to turn 17 years old. My story started in February 2012, I was just 13 years old. It was on a birthday of a classmate of the school who turned 15. When I live there is a habit that when a girl turns 15 all the friends go to her house to spend the day.

I'm not one of those very sociable girls that we say and I was going through a horrible time in my family. They had passed very ugly things with my dad, I was abused by him when I was 12 years old, nobody knew, nor my mom, I do not like to talk about this but the boy I met influenced a lot in this topic.

The thing is that I was all day outside the birthday girl's house, alone, hiding from everything, I was very shy, I did not socialize with anyone and that's why I did not have any friends. As I said I was sitting alone when I was approached by a boy who had never seen him and I did not know him, and he said "Hello, what's your name?", I told him my name and that's how it all started. He sat next to me and we started talking, he bothered me, he pushed me, he played with my cell phone.

Almost by the end of the birthday, I told him that he had to go to my house ... It was not love at first sight. At that time I thought he was a boy who could only become a friend. At that age I had no idea what love was.

When I arrive at my house I enter Facebook and I see that I have a request for friendship and a message ... it was him. And in the message there was a picture of a man and a woman about to get married, and below it said "well let's finish us". I did not understand anything, I just said "stupid", and that's how we started talking. We started to get together more often. Then he started to go to my house, but we stayed outside on the sidewalk and we stayed talking for hours. He even drew me, I do not know why but he liked to draw me. We were all together, almost every day and after a month we gave our first kiss, it was unexpected, we just looked at each other and it happened. It was very cute. I felt in the air, I felt that I was falling in love.

We got together and as the months went by we spent a lot of things together: travel, loss of relatives, we escaped from travel, we made future promises. For my mom, it was just another child. Each month that we were engaged as a couple was a stuffed animal and a letter that gave me, we recorded our names on a tree with a heart and to this day I went through that tree to touch our names, we had great confidence, and we were very much in love.

I had to tell him what had happened with my dad and the situation he was going through, which was that my parents were about to separate. I was very bad, I cut myself, I always cried, I was angry with everything and everyone, I always got angry with him and treated him badly, I was very proud and I think that situation scared him a little, he was only 15 ... do.

When we were one year old, we had our first time, the first time of the two. It was beautiful, I had never felt so much love, then we did it under the stars, sometimes we went to bed in the street, we had a list of things that we were going to do when we were big, we were both crazy and I think I will never feel how he made me feel ... but things were not the same anymore, we were not the same, we always fought, he wanted me to tell my mom what had happened to my dad.

So we continue to meet one year and almost 8 months with many fights, but we were crazy for each other, in love more than ever ... Until one day out of the blue he told me he was going to take a while and I just proud of him I said to do what I wanted when I did not realize that I was losing the most beautiful thing that had happened to me. And that's how we stopped talking, many things happened, he met girls and I just cried and did not eat anything, I did not want to know anything else about love.

5 months passed and my mother made a report to my dad. We had everything under control until he was on television "a fugitive from justice" and the entire city learned what had happened. It was horrible, it was the worst moment that ever happened in my life. The days were eternal, until an unexpected message came to me, he spoke to me, he was apologizing for what happened. At that moment everything came to light, I was happy again, my soul returned to my body, I breathed again, we saw each other again, with him I felt safe, I was and he is the only one who understands me.

But nothing was the same, it was not like before, the love was the same but we had both changed a lot. Time has driven us away, but destiny will know what to do.

I know I'm too young to talk about love, and you should think the same, but I will never feel what I felt for him. Until today I think about it every day and the truth is that I do not have anything to complain about, it was just, partner, and it helped me in many things that another boy at his age would have left me alone and even though I only had 15 years was with me at every moment.

I will always be grateful to have stood in my way. And I'll keep saying it, it was the angel that fell from heaven to save me. God put him in my path at the worst moment of my life.

Today, thanks to God, things changed completely in my house, my father is no longer there, we continue processing him, but I know that we will move forward and I since I told my mother thanks to him, I have a lot more confidence in me, now I have friends and I am very happy.

I hope fate will come back to us. We swear eternal love and I will fulfill my word. I loved you and I will continue to love you until my last breath.

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