About me

Hi friend  ,I’m  Lutfor Rahman Joy,I'm not a hopeless romantic. I would not even define myself as romantic. I'm more of a story collector than-astonished by the fact that all of us carry so many stories right or wrong that have ended up marking our lives-have decided to tell theirs, those of others or even invent some new, that we Serve everyone to devote one more thought to something we already dedicate so much time to.

They say that love moves the World. Maybe it's a well-considered exaggeration, but what is certain is that we all dedicate a lot of time to him at some point in our lives. I hope that this collection of thoughts and stories will help you to dream, to have hope in doubt or relief in failure. Or, simply, that they make you spend a pleasant time, without more pretensions.
See you soon and thank you for your visit.

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