My platonic love

My platonic love 

I want to tell part of a story that did not happen, or rather it happened in a way I never thought,

A vecés life gives us pleasant surprises.

AP: as I call it (platonic love). YES, a ridiculous childhood, that is, the bearing of a ship, LEVEL GOD.

The thing is that I never believed that the past would return to my life, except HIM.
I do not know why and I still do not think it would happen, according to HE it was a look of pure flirting.

But what was wrong if it was always like that, from long ago, it was the story of my life, I would pass by looking at it with a lock of hair between my eyes and smiled ashamed, for what he knew I liked because of that stupid look , to which HE answered with a smile, THE MOST CUTE AND LOVELY AND WONDERFUL SMILE that never or at the time I thought existed.

For things of life or destiny as they want to say it, never happened more than that A SHOCK OF LOOKS THAT ENDED IN AN ACCIDENT OF STUPID SMILES, and that when leaving it behind I forgot that it existed, either by the fact that the He was part of someone else, another woman who could kiss him as often as he wanted, take him by his hand and walk together, hug him and never let him go.

And so the time passed, he on his way I for mine, I was happy a long time, but fate plays tricks and was single with a beautiful daughter of 15 years, I returned to my roots where I grew up my parents grew up with hard and good times and as technology brings you closer to millions of people, I just had to approach Him.
Why? For what? What was its purpose?


So, literally so was his message, and when I saw who it was my legs trembled, the voice cut me off, a cry of I can not believe I did send an answer that was not very logical and quite shameful, finally send my number and with a phrase
It will be a pleasure to hear your voice, we both fell.

When I heard it, my emotions rose to the highest point and shot through the infinite like the stars and were scattered in the universe, I did not believe it, it could not be him.

Everything he told me made me laugh and it was fulminating when he said that I liked him when we were children, and he ended up killing me.

Everything was wonderful, in those days I was the happiest woman in the world, I had luck in my hands, it was hours and hours of long conversations, each one more special than another, listening to her laughter took me to school moments when I just listened to her laugh and I looked for him in the middle of the other students of that huge school, until our eyes met and I shamefully looked the other way

We had many things in common and many things against, I never asked for anything, I was content to have the opportunity of a call, for whatever, planning trips I knew would never happen, daydreaming about the same things, getting melancholy if it was worth it the moment, the silences were not uncomfortable, every word of his made me happy.

But of course, it was my AP, the ultra idolatrous. As the end of August the magic on the other hand went off, on my part it was becoming increasingly evident that nothing was going to happen, that his priority was always another and as a literal roller coaster came to an end more expected.

Yes gentlemen, the story of my platonic love has an end as expected.

I am all excited, having recurring dreams with HIM, depressed, with questions that will never be answered, wanting to scream in frustration, wanting to look for him and tell him in his face everything that comes out to me that most likely is nothing, but still look at it and with that, only that would be calm.

And he I think follows his normal life, working and doing his job very well, taking care of his circle where not one thought is for me.

I wish it to continue like this, to be very good in everything I thank you for a month full of joy and emotions, which made me very well to have known about it, 

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