I Waited Thirteen Years for him to Kiss me

          I Waited Thirteen Years for him to Kiss me

Hello I am Hugo and I am 32 years old, now that my life seems to be in a quiet moment I have sat down to reflect on what I had previously experienced. The truth is that I am proud of my actions but, on the other hand, I would have liked to have thought more with my head and not have made so many people suffer, especially the girls.

I was born in a very wealthy and well-off family thanks to the strong participation of my grandfather in the fascist regime. My father is the director of a bank and my mother a prestigious lawyer. I never had problems to satiate my material whims, everything I wanted was in my mouth. Maybe that's what kept me from learning to consider things better, but I do not want to focus on materialistic issues.

Despite being in the 21st century, the social class in which I found myself was extremely superficial, racist, frivolous, fascist, Christian, conservative ... I could continue but I imagine that you already have an idea of ​​how these people are.

I wanted to place you, nothing more.

As a child I was very restless, nervous and very naughty, my parents brought them to my head and to my parents even more. When I was 4 years old my father only had 24 springs and my mother had four less. At night I barely let them sleep and even less consummate their wedding vows, surely they wanted to kill me ...

At school I only cared three things: play, change stickers and Paula, that's where I wanted to go. He did not reach the meter and a half and already had it in his head. I saw her in school and many times at home, our parents knew each other for a lifetime and maintained a great friendship in addition to the same profession in the case of men. That made me spend more time with her than with any other boy or girl my age. We played together, we laughed, we broke things and we understood each other perfectly and everything remained the same until we turned eleven. Then came the revolutions of hormones, the interest in finding a partner, the different ways to spend our free time and blah, blah, blah. The only thing that remained immune was my love towards her and that although I could not stand it, we spent the same time together as before.

She was only interested in the Spices Girl, to keep her pink tamagochi alive, to buy all the clothes she wanted and to like the boys.

I, for my part, continued to be interested in the games of my childhood, football and bullfighting, a new interest arose, probably in the one who spent more time, sex. The latter made me spend the day thinking about tits, to get home and put a porno without volume so no one would suspect. Even with all that my feeling to Paula did not change, it was more accentuated. It was so beautiful, blonde, with beautiful blue eyes with a silhouette that began to splurge sensuality, with a beautiful mouth and a magical chest, just look at my limb levitated. I'm sorry, it was testosterone's fault.

One summer, enjoying our vacations in Marbell, I decided to play the brave and declare my love. I felt that I needed to do it, I did not look for ends, I just wanted to open my heart and to be able to win a kiss. He answered me with a clear "Hugo, I'm looking for something better, you are not even what I deserve". The forcefulness in the phrase caused me to collapse, I ran to my room and the tears came to my eyes. He was certain that he could never aspire to her.

A year passed and I was already twelve for thirteen I had grown quite a bit and at half 1.77, the beard began to sprout and the blond hairs on my head started to come out everywhere. That change the girls liked, even cataloged me as the most handsome of the class. The girls began to take an interest in me, which she adored, all but Paula, for her she was still that kid who played with her.

One night while we were having dinner at his parents' house he told me, to my surprise, to go to his room, my imagination was shot with images taken from porn movies and as usual my little soldier reacted with imagination. But unfortunately for me Paula did not want physical contact, just looking for an idiot who stole a cigarette from her father. I did what he asked me to do. We went to the small terrace of his room and started doing that which was only for adults and that until eighteen we should not have done. I coughed and she coughs and we laughed at each other like when we were children, that sensation amazed me and I was totally happy. After a while, she got dizzy because of the inhalation of smoke and I, to avoid fights, reanimated her as best I could with the help of water. After overcoming the fainting she was grateful to me. Was the For the first time  in my whole life I felt that I had done something useful. That night I felt fulfilled, full of happiness for the simple reason that he had seen me as a man. That thought was absolute nonsense, probably a product of his age.

That same year I started to change and probably for the worse because I started to believe what the girls said about me, that if I was handsome, if I was very good, ... And I, in the middle of an egotistical drunkenness, decided to put aside girls of my age and focus on those of bachelor. My friends saw them unattainable, but I, who felt like the center of the world, the most handsome in the universe, started to go for them. Actually my performances were cocky and unpleasant but my heart continued to be tattooed on fire the name of Paula.

As I said before I focused on the older girls. After the experience that I will tell you now I assure you that the "pimps" love them.

I chose between all those girls, who for my friends were unattainable, a brunette who called attention where it happened, was really beautiful. Little by little I was conquering her, that was hiding my age and modifying it with four more years, so for her I was sixteen. I was three months of relationship and my birthday came and with him the thirteen. Andrea, the name of my "girlfriend", if you can call it that, gave me the dream of all the boys of my age, my first time.

I remember the experience memorable, after that incredible sensation I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to sex, it was exciting, pleasant, I unloaded adrenaline, it released my tensions, and above all it was with a girl. I saw her so beautiful and at the same time so hot, she enjoyed so much thanks to me that she made me feel powerful. I loved how he shuddered, how he scratched my back, how he shouted, how he changed his face. It was idyllic in itself. But after that I kept asking myself how it would be with Paula, without a doubt it would be the most awaited moment of my life.

Two months later I left him with Andrea, and they started two years of sexual drunkenness with all the girls that entered my eyes. At the height of my life, above all, sexual. I went back to summer with Paula and after some conversations with her I thought I saw jealousy, and I could not find out if it was  jealousy  because I was with others and not with her or  jealousy  of not feeling the most desired by me. Although deep down, it was.

By the end of summer, and as usual, we visited our town, something else in common that we had. It was the first of September and the patron saint festivities were approaching, the people dressed up in dress and the social mass began to grow like foam.

One night as we walked towards the hermitage, something typical of our town, we sat down Paula and I in a bank. I do not know why the sexual tension was in crescendo and without waiting for me Paula was thrown to my lips, and we were in a torrid kiss that left me speechless.

That night I spent my vigil and I kept thinking about that kiss. It was not like everyone else, it was special, it was a wait of thirteen years to receive it. So far I had not felt anything like it.

The next morning, when I saw her for the  first time  after that wonderful kiss, I noticed something  shy  with me, she barely looked me in the eyes and much less dared to speak to me. So as the saying goes "if Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad" and I set out to start a relationship.

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