Love one piece

Love one piece

There was a walk on the sidewalk leaving the rickshaw and walking on the sidewalk. And there was a little ahead of their home. If someone else was not able to leave the rickshaw, then it would have been better today. It was very good today, as she wanted. She is the only daughter of Bazlur Rahman. Five, Tari's mother Adar Rahman left the Maya's house in the Meghdeed country. Mother-father Bazlur Rahman's elderly daughter has made her love. Again, in some cases may not have been fully completed. Can one parent really, to fulfill the mother's vacuum?

However, he did not keep the turban incomplete. However, the strange euphoria of the girl's daughter was astonished by her. She got up to rickshaw in her life, she began to talk to Bazlur Sahib before handing him a hand. Before going to the university every day, in the driver Majnu Mia Bakbakani It is inconceivable. In view of her, the troupe is still a child of ten or twelve years. Therefore, she is unaccustomed to all words. Nana distribution beyond yaccheathaca attempts in recent years, when the rickshaw every day, what the days were blank!

In the morning, the sunshine or the pedestrian pedestrians seemed to be close to anyone. What would have seemed to all! Even if they did not feel close, they would not have been far away from the people. Tari was going to answer his own question. He wants to keep the transparent window of the gates hidden from the city. He laughed after the daughter of Bajrul's daughter. However, Did not understand. The glasses kept in the table, with the handkerchief, took away the glass.

If anyone listens to the story, then everyone will think that the girl is still small. She loves to live in the world of her own imagination. Somehow she has her own role behind the behaviors of the right; Bazlur could not believe that.
Today, with the permission of his father, Saratadin went around with rickshaw. The friend was a friend of the forest. However, today the forest did not celebrate the whole day as a triangle. The low middle-class family's son traveled around the forest, rickshaw, and is different from the other ten days. After all, due to the trick of madness, he had to miss the class too. Mithila may go to Dudabari Khulna tomorrow. Then one of her friends The opportunity to meet him will not match the forest. What was the need to keep the day for the fuel to irrigate!

At the same time, while sitting in the rickshaw, while sitting in two, the silence was not done. The thunder of the corpse was moving like a cloud. However, his girl mask looked at the forest.

- Will you say something like a fall in pinfall silence, sir?
The wandering forest was submerged in Mithila's thoughts. So the words of the tricks were not able to reach his ears. Gently taped with the fingers of the forest, on the forehead's forehead.
- Why do not you talk about your Mithila in this way?

The annoyance of the forest.
Always do not address him as 'your Mithila', the trick. Mother's name is Mithila, not your Mithila.

Mithila Omni clambered the shoulder of the forest and said,
- Listen, do not show any mood with me.
- Your hand-foot Poorchari Patiya!
The arrow caught the silence of the forest.
- Do not go out

- Eating! It seems today that since morning my mind was kept close to Mithila. I do not understand the mistake. Now your vacation. The house is gone, tomorrow will be seen.
The forest also did not agree. The roads of Dhanmondi are sometimes quite scarcely in this time. Besides, the trick is also not used to move alone.

Although Ninomiya is annoying, trustworthy person. Therefore, after the change of the previous drivers, after a few days, in the case of Majnumia, Tari did not have to think about the father. And, by keeping the trick in this way, he himself can not go home safely. Knowing the reason for the objection is the smile.

- I'm here from an early age. And our house after a lane. That's it! This time, let me spend a little together with nature, please, please.
The forest shook the hawk head.

- Your madness did not go away. Well, I went.
The trumpet is walking alone, walking uninterrupted. It can be said to walk unimaginable thinking. They left the lane of their house, walking on the sidewalk in a nearby lane. As it turned out to be a front, there were many pink colorful skulls. Collected two flower flowers. The leaf tree on the side is a walk. After the thirsty trunk stood beside the tree. Suddenly, a boy from behind was not able to say anything Some people followed the boy after screaming. Some people followed the boy after screaming. The rider started running behind him. He threw the bag in another hand but did not escape from the massacre. The man standing with the bag of trunks, the trick is now towards him. Went ahead.
- Do not be shy, you!

You're wrong .Look, my older brother is standing there and talking to the phone. A police officer in the profession. We are a gentleman's son.
- Absolutely silent, fuzzy.

The troll ran towards the man. On the other hand, who was busy in the phone conversation, now he

Immediately after the sari's aggressive stance came forward.
- Hey Apu, did you? Stop it.

In the end, he was able to convince his cousin Naveed, meaning that the trunk was going forward to beat him as the second hijacker - he is an innocent person.

The sudden tragedy of the unexpected event looked quite tired. The crowd was sitting on the footpaths of the traffic. Nvid walked a little slow.

- Are you feeling sick?
- I'll drink a little water.
Navid ran to buy water from a nearby shop. The sunglasses broke out from her hand, but she did not have a glance at that point.
- Let's get you home. You can trust me.
I'm really sorry.
- I'm Naveed.
- Well, Naveed, I'm so ashamed of my use.
- Let's call a rickshaw.
- No, I can.
The ridge was called up by a rickshaw. Naude stood beside her, to listen to her nesting site. Right, the arrow did not say anything to the Riksawala simply said,
- Come on, brother.
Even though the rickshaw did not stop, the eyes of the Navy were just towards the girl. There was an enchanting enchantment in her eyes, which slid down around the Navy. What was her name? Why did not he ask? Where was he going? Why did not she follow the girl? Can anyone have a monologue first? Even then, in such conditions! It may be nothing short of momentary - Naavid silently silenced his unhappy mind.

The troupe entered the house and saw the Fupu in the living room. He was doing a stitch, a sari or a thread. Parvin Rahman's excellent quality of hand work. Love the clothes of the needle to touch the needle. However, in this case, it is completely the opposite. , Both were marked as enemies of the trunk.
- Income, earning money.

- No, dear, I'm feeling very tired. I'll sleep for a long time. You're tonight, are you?
- Hmm.

- Well, I went to the room.
Two days later. The house was returning home. Mahajanumia is on holiday. The boy will have to show a doctor, in the morning he said, Bazlur Sahib. On the way back, a group of clouds roamed in front of him. He touched his Malachi. Along with him, said to someone from the bottom,
- Excuse me, what is the address of this address? I saw the surroundings, but the house number did not match.

The paper took the piece of paper in hand. The address written in the paper was the home of them. The person looked at the man. But he did not seem to have seen him before. He smiled at a poke, showing the path towards error, he came quickly.
Approximately one and a half hour after reaching the house, the bell blew on the door. Parveen was going to the door to the door, hurrying the door behind him, opened the door. Because it is unknown to who is now on the side of the door. However, a pair of wondrous eyes from the eyes Without the silly vision; There was nothing more for him.
I asked for a trick with a laughing smile,

- Who did you want?

- I was told to come to Baby, Interior Architect. Ms. Pervin.
By calling the trumpet Fupu, he went inside.
Selim, the son of Parvin Rahman, has been in Japan for the last eight years. Salim's happiness and joy around the small sister bridge. Parveen has raised the boy in a lot of trouble.

After the death of her husband, she never thought of second marriage. After leaving the land of Salim, Bazlur had told his sister many times to come back to this house. Even though Pravin had a two-day house in the week, he always had objections in this matter. She sent her money for the last few years to her mother, to buy a nice flat to see. Together, she said to decorate the new flat. Nyei babuike was asked to come today.
Parvin called Baby for a while with the words. He was going to introduce her to Baby, Baby said immediately

Aunt, I know him.
- know! How?
- Not sure, I was seen in the street a little earlier.
- I mean ??
The baby was going to say the incident, Omni Dal said,
- Ah! Unity, why are you so much question!
- Even if you did not tell Baby to me, I have understood. What is the correctness?
Parvin said to Baby,

- Look, if the trick is mistreatment with you; I am very sorry about that.
- Aunty, it's Totally Ok. And, you tell me.

Thus, the tail and baby's would be seen soon afterward. The answer is totally opposite of Tari as the man. The calmness of the mother is not very angry with anyone's words. Qing does not want to defeat her with a counter-reply. On the other hand, I do not know why. But why do I know, it feels good to be close to the shore. In the meantime, when you meet Parvin Rahman, you are meeting with Tari The; His mind is good. In this way, relationships may continue to wait for the consequences.

Meanwhile, there was no one to keep the news of Navin mind! Why did she let go of the girl? Could not have left his mobile on the day to the Navy! In the movie, as heroes and heroes are seen again in a coincidence, what could not have happened to them! If a little bit, what would be such harm? But did Naveed understand that his regret is going to be written soon?

Naveed is busy with the files kept on the desk. Nawab's boss Iqbal jumped into his cabin, hurriedly before leaving the office.

- Naveed, I have to get out. Let's introduce, he is the tray. Today is the new one. It is the responsibility to explain all the work, but you, okay.
Iqbal looked at Tari at this time,

- Miss Tari, he's your ambitious boss. If there's any problem, tell him. Neither, I'm here.

The trick hawk shook the head.
At the end of the study, the father and Future married to stop excessive discussions with the family; He had to take a job decision.
Naveed may have lost his speech intenser.

- hello, I fold.
Naveed tried to say something. But the arrow did not get any reply again,
- Hello.
- Did you recognize me?
Naveen's question.
- Sari, I do not understand.
Navid repeated the memorable incident of that day.
- Well, I'm so sorry for that day's incident.

Next time in the month of the month, Tari has to get help from Navya for occasional work. The neutral behavior of the Navy changes without any reason. However, it is not acceptable to do anything other than an unrelenting annoyance to the Tari.

Naveen's heartless desire does not want to leave behind the trunk. Whenever the office is at the request of reaching home after the holidays, or at lunch break, he wants to stay close to the Tari. Instead of decorating the shirt, instead of the gentle laugh, he has never received anything else.

Although the boat is busy with new jobs, it is in the form of any obstruction to connecting his mind with Baby; The reason is not identified as. What, what will happen? The word of the mind is unknown to both sides of today. It was said to be like babu. Many times, it is not possible to say that it is very difficult.

Naveed wanted to conquer the trick, there is nothing in the house of the guard. The day was a holiday. So when the house was not seen the door, he offered a direct marriage to Bazlur Sahib. When he heard the news of Navin, he thought, both Navid and Dhari liked each other. So he wanted to talk to the Naveen's parents. Parveen was also in his brother's house that day. He liked seeing Nawab. E, he spoke on the phone with Navid up his father- mother to recover from a timber vessel with a dilenaathaca Where? This is happening in the house without telling him anything!

And, Parvin Rahman thought that the girl could not say the word of the mouth in the mouth.

Bazlur Rahman hugged the girl and cried for a long time.
- How did you grow up that mother! I can not live without you.
A word did not come out from the mouth of the Tart. No embarrassment touched his heart. No embarrassment touched his heart. He was angry only on the navel. He did not find any way. He told all about Tari Baby. Only after listening to all the things, the heart of inferior Baby may be silent Ending;

Tari's words will express the words. Congratulations to but Baby, the number of his anger has doubled. Dasheshara Tara Maunata Bazlur Saheb and Parvin Rahman assumed acceptance as the consent.
A baby was mentally disturbed by the collision of his mind. The pain of losing her tormented him in anger. If she is not her, then why would she be someone else? That's not what happened, but why is it going to happen!
Baby's sleepless nights spent tremendously on the head.

A few days later, the words are about.
One afternoon, Baby was present in the house of the guards. The house was alone in the house. A day after that Baby saw the trick,

- What to remove?
What are you saying like crazy?
- No, that's not the house at all today. That's it! Do not you fear?
The troupe then went to Baby and sat up. The face of Baby's face touched pray.
- You're afraid! I am
Baby removed his hand.
- Will you have some coffee?
- Yeah, I was thinking about coffee. Just grabbed the head.
- So you're lying in bed for a while. I'm bringing coffee.
- What do you say, why do you do this?
Why do not you say that I am an architect, and I will not be able to do the coffee?
- What I said! Ok go

Baby put coffee mugs on two tables and sat beside the tray. He got up and saw the baby Baby. The girl hugged him without saying anything. The lady did not obstruct her.
- Dari, why do you do that?
Even though the couple did not say anything in response to the answer, the place of the blue shirt's chest of the baby girl was soaked in a bit. The bride fastened her hair and tied a tape on her lips, then the head of the curtain was inserted into medium-sized polythene.

Baby came in all preparations.
He used to feel frustrated with the climbing gear. Then he took a deep breath in the trunk. When the time of departure from the house of the house, stuck with the table, a diary was in the hands of Baby. Dulain went out to stop the diary,
"Baby, if you love me then why do not you? If you do not come, before you spend a night with the Navy; You can not find me anymore. "

One year later ... .. fifteen number cabins patient named Janani Manusik Hospital - Baby. Nowadays he cannot recognize anyone so much. Knowing next to the bed in front of me

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