The meanings of the band concept are very varied. The term, in fact, can come from different etymological sources. When it has its origin in the Gothic Bandwo ( "flag" , "sign" ), it refers to a group of armed people ; to the partiality of people who favor or support someone; to a youth gang ; or a musical group .

For example: "The band entered the bank at nine in the morning and, twenty minutes later, had already fled with all the money from the boxes" , "The team had the support of a band that follows it everywhere " , " I'm worried: I think my son joined a band that meets in the square at night , "" The leader of the American band decided to undergo a rehabilitation to stay away from drugs and alcohol . "

Banda, on the other hand, may come from the old French bande which, in turn, derives from the Frankish Binda . In this case, a band can be a wide ribbon that serves as a badge ( "The general wore a new band for the recognition of its value during the war" ), a band ( "I need a band that fits my dress"), a railing ( "Be careful, do not lean on the band that is loose" ), the area limited by the longer sides of a sports field ( "The striker ran several meters down the side until he was shot down by a rival defender " ) Or theintervaldefined according to the field of variation of a physical quantity ( "The bandwidth of this connection does not allow me to download content quickly").

The most famous rock bands in history

Status quo

It is a mythical band that published songs such as Rockin 'all over the World, Whatever you want and Caroline , and that marked a whole generation.


The appearance of its members, which could be defined as quirky, distinguished them from contemporary bands. With respect to their most successful songs, they can be named I was made for loving you, God of Thunder and Rock 'n Roll all Night! .

Rolling Stones

Another band that needs no introduction since it continues in force several decades after its formation, awakening fanaticism in the new generations, thanks in part to its classic successes , such as Angie, Paint it black and Like a rolling stone .

Led Zeppelin

It was founded by Jimmy Page in 1968 and its discography has surpassed the ten original albums, with an almost equal number of compilations.

What in

This band of English origin stands out from the rest due to the charisma and the musical level of its main singer, the late Freddie Mercury, who presented an authentic revolution: the Opera Rock. Some of his most important songs are I want to break free, We are the champions, We will rock you and Bohemian rhapsody .


Nirvana is officially located in the musical genre known as "grunge", although it is also possible to consider it a rock band . Its main singer, Kurt Cobain, represented an authentic spokesman for the so-called generation x, although his personal problems led him to take his own life when he was still very young. His album Nevermind was a hit worldwide and is considered one of the best selling of all time, in part thanks to the theme Smells like teen spirit .


In 1973, Malcolm and Angus Young, two Scottish brothers, formed the AC / DC band in Sydney, Australia, who went on to become one of the most important in the hard rock ( hard rock ).

the Beatles

For many, the rock band par excellence. The Beatles were an English quartet formed by young musicians in Liverpool, who in a short time fell in love with several generations and created a myth that continues alive five decades later. Some of his most famous and transcendent themes are While my guitar gently weeps, Come together, Let it be, In my life , Yesterday and Hey Jude .

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