The term medicine comes from the Latin medicīna and refers to the science that allows to prevent and cure diseases of the human body . Medicine is also used as a synonym for medicine (from Latin medicamentum), which is the substance that can prevent, alleviate or cure diseases or their aftermath.

Medicine, together with pharmacy , nursing and other disciplines, form the group of health sciences , dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

To practice medicine, it is necessary to study in order to obtain the necessary degree and the corresponding qualification. In this way, the doctor or doctorreceived is able to become a health agent in the health process, establishing a relationship with the passive agent (the patient , who is the sick person or who seeks to take care of their health).

There are numerous specialties within medicine, according to the part of the body to which they are dedicated, to the types of diseases or other factors that allow establishing the classification. The cardiology , for example, is responsible for heart conditions and circulatory system.

In the same way we must not forget other branches or specialties equally significant as would be the case, for example, of neurosurgery. The same is one that has as object of study and work what is the nervous system, both central and vegetative or peripheral.

Equally important is also the ophthalmology, which is the specialty within Medicine that is responsible for carrying out the study of each and every one of the diseases and pathologies that affect what is the eyeball. However, it also focuses on what is the lacrimal or muscular system that the eyes have.

Rheumatology, on the other hand, is the branch that focuses basically on what is the connective tissue and the locomotor system. In this way, he works to treat the different diseases that affect both areas, such as, for example, osteoarthritis, arthritis, sclerosis, vasculitis, lumbago or osteoporosis, among others.

Likewise, we can not ignore the existence of other specialties within Medicine, such as psychiatry, toxicology, urology, sports medicine or forensic medicine. A branch is the latter that is responsible for examining a corpse to determine the causes of death although it is true that their professionals also carry out what is a person's study to establish the origin and severity of their injuries.

The Dermatology is the medical specialty that focuses on the care and skin diseases. The traumatology , meanwhile, to traumatic injuries of the spine and extremities that affect the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles and tendons is dedicated.

There are other specialties that arise according to the age of the patient, such as pediatrics (dedicated to children) and geriatrics (focused on the elderly).

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