Distribution is the action and effect of distributing (dividing something between several people, giving something the convenient destination, delivering a commodity). The term, which comes from the Latin distributio , is very common in commerce to name the distribution of products .

The distribution, in this case, is the process that consists of making the product physically reach the consumer . For the distribution to be successful, the product must be available to the potential buyer at the time and place indicated. For example: the distribution of a refreshing drink should be reinforced during the summer as its demand increases . In this season, the drink has to reach the tourist centers and summer destinations, among other places of massive concentration of people.

It is known as the distribution chain or distribution channels to the different agents that complete the stages so that the product reaches the final consumer. The most frequent are the wholesalers(who buy the product from the manufacturer and sell to the retailer) and the retailers (who buy from the wholesaler and sell to the end customer), although there may be other intermediate agents.

In the same way, we can not ignore the fact that the term in question is used in the usual way within the field of Mathematics. Specifically in this is used to define all that function that aims to represent all those probabilities that come to identify in a palpable and forceful to a random type phenomenon.

Also, distribution is a term used in the field of technology. Thus, it is usually talk about what is known as a distribution board, which basically comes to be the installation that has a square shape and that is composed of a whole set of elements and devices through which you can take the control of electricity in a specific place.

Computer science is another sector that also has its own types of distribution. In this way, in particular, we can establish that there are two classes that are the best known. On the one hand, there is the so-called GNU / Linux distribution, which revolves around software, which in turn is based on Linux. Thanks to it, it is possible to have a series of programs and applications that meet certain specific needs of users.

On the other hand, we should talk about the so-called BSD distribution, which is identified because it does not depend on Linux or GNU. In particular, among its main elements would be the tree of sources and also it must be noted that it has three fundamental derivations.

In the economic sphere, on the other hand, the distribution of income or distribution of income is the way in which the gross product of an economy is distributed among the different social classes. This distribution is not equitable, but most of the wealth goes to those who have more.

The State is in charge of intervening in the market to ensure that the redistribution of wealth reaches all sectors. Excessive state intervention, however, can distort the market and generate macroeconomic problems.

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