Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants

The plants are organic beings that live and grow, but they do not have motor skills (ie, can not be moved from one place to another by a voluntary impulse). Vegetables such as vegetables and trees are part of this group, which is studied by botany.

Medicinal , on the other hand, is what belongs to or relates to medicine . This concept, which comes from the Latin medicīna , is linked to the sciencethat allows to prevent and cure human diseases . Medicine is also a synonym for medication (the substance that prevents, alleviates or cures diseases or their sequelae).

The medicinal plants , therefore, are those that can be used in the treatment of a condition . The parts or extracts of these plants are used in infusions, ointments, creams, tablets, capsules or other formats.

It must be said that there are numerous plants that, due to their properties and characteristics, have been called medicinal plants since they contribute to improving a person's health. However, among the most important, those considered most useful and effective are the following:

• Aloe vera. Great to relieve burns and its consequences is this plant, which is also used in the field of cosmetics to get a soft and smooth skin. 

• Chamomile Among the so-called "tricks of the grandmother" is the use of this medicinal plant that is normally prepared in infusion and that taking it helps to improve various intestinal problems.

• Evening primrose. In oil is how this product is used, which has become one of the most effective natural remedies when it comes to coping with both rheumatoid arthritis and cholesterol. In the latter case what it does is reduce its levels, in favor of the health of the person in question. 

• Ginseng When we talk about medicinal plants we must not forget this alternative that helps not only to improve diabetes but also to put an end to the problems of erectile dysfunction suffered by many men. All this without ignoring that it brings a lot of energy to the body.

The hibiscus for hypertension, lavender to alleviate problems and anxiety pictures or turmeric to cure before several types of injuries are other medicinal plants used.

The remedies from plants are used since prehistory . Records of this type of medicine have been found in almost all cultures. The modern pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, is based on this knowledge and on the processing or synthesis of various active principles of the plants.

What plants do is, through their metabolism , produce substances from the nutrients they obtain from the environment. The secondary metabolites that are obtained from medicinal plants are those compounds for therapeutic use.

In general, useful compounds are found in certain parts of the plant, such as their seeds , roots , leaves or flowers . The part usable by medicine, therefore, depends on the species in question.

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