My Testimony

My Testimony

On today September 23, 2016, I conclude the most important stage of my life. "Love", what caught me and touched my heart like never before. My name is Rafael, I am a Venezuelan found in the United States - Saint Cloud, my country at this very moment is going through a very difficult moment where I am not present for many circumstances but others are for me, fighting for that Peace that we want and we deserve.

This story carries a long content, but I will still summarize it.

In 2007 my life began to change so today it frequents a lot "divorces". My parents started a series of problems (Discussions, Screams, Deception) Everything improved at the beginning of 2008 when we made a trip to Panama, at that time I was 8 years old, my parents presented certain responsibilities after a time regarding their training loving as a couple, in a few words they wanted to continue maintaining their conjugal and family status. Many will ask "What does this have to do with me?" But you'll see.

In 2008, my dad and I decided to start with a hobby that was a bit familiar, something to distract us for a while from Father to Son. Everything was excellent until half of 2010, when I came across an accident in motorcycling with multiple fractures, femur, little finger and wrist ... I had an intervention after 1 hour on the way to a clinic where they treated me and lasted a long time, while all this happened, responsibility and guilt fell on my dad, everyone blamed him. Mom made her decision and proceeded to the final divorce, not so much for me but for the way that Dad did not help improve things, the months went by ... And I had several incidents, I fell on crutches down some stairs and of course, they had to intervene to operate again, in order. Last until 2013 with many problems, present chronic pneumonia,

I had more than 5 operations, operated by bad aesthetics, lack of bone, calcium, anemia and the most important, The Traumatologist. At the beginning of 2013 all change, we managed to get an excellent person in traumatology, I recovered and after the intervention in less than 2 weeks I was able to walk, bad, but I walked. Then I started very strong with the therapies and exercises strictly for legs in the Gym, before all this my passion was to play football but thank God everything went much better than we expected, soon after I started playing Indoor Soccer Leagues with My School, after that I started to train again in Soccer but in Grama. Things changed, my dad acted with me very differently, he treated me badly and my mother for a long time was always on his side, I had many problems to solve,

Because this is a love story?

Before all this, God put something in my way that takes advantage but defrauded, I lost and I was punished, in 2014 I met the only and first love of life, we met at a party and without many details months later we started being together, I remember every moment as if it had happened yesterday, I feel every look, caress, hugs with just imagining it, only entente ... Close your eyes and you will see how satisfying it feels even if bad things have happened.

After almost a year less, because of my family problems and because of feeling so bad about myself, I decided to finish everything I did not want her to know everything that happened to me at home or to experience things in such a way, I know that she was part of of me but still I just wanted to protect her. With just this excuse I tried to meet another person who coincidentally studied in the same school, I wanted to force her to forget her, I was tired of feeling bad and missing her. She found out quickly and went to call me, I felt so good, her voice so sweet and fine to hear her but even so, I did the unforgiving, I remember that when I cried I cried like never before and I knew that she was in the same position but I was afraid of that hated me, I kept on passing the time and I kept seeing, I understand that I made a mistake, I could not force myself to something of such magnitude,

One day in a family reunion, sitting next to me was a girl very similar to my new "partner", I said "how cute it is" but those days that I decided to take some time, I wanted to use it to reconcile myself with the love of My Life ... We talked for a long time and decided that we would try again but when I got home I thought again ... "I can not make the same mistake, what am I doing, my God?", At that moment I decided to call her and do the worst I could to see done in my life, tell her that my account was hacked, so everything was a simple invention, she knew that I was lying but even so, she said "it's okay Rafael, I believe you" we lasted several hours talking later and remembering things, but even so when I hung up I knew that she was going to be Mal, we still talked by Message but we said goodbye.

I wanted to solve things but I refused and acted improperly, she stayed there until she decided to leave for her house, when she left, I only stop crying in silence, apologize for her back and that someday she would understand the reason of everything that. When the taxi arrived, I turned back to see if she had come down or was there, but she was not there, she got very upset and was pretty bad ... She was celebrating her birthday but I was ruining everything as normal in me.

To summarize further, over time, we managed to return ... I had written a letter telling him part of him because all this and I really lied to him, he is crazy to be with her, that day he went to my house to look for the letter since that same day I had invited her for a family reunion, obviously everyone knew her and missed a lot, this was in 2015.

Everything was very good until the strong problems, disagreements, jealousies and mistrust began, we lived the best time that time we returned but also the worst, we experienced many things and grew more as people. In the months we had finished again and but it was something like an imaginary I am in the air, that "cycle" that was there was never closed but I knew that she wanted to fix things. Well, concluding this, I made a mistake very similar to the first time but, just to get out of the lane and keep believing that I had won the battles, when it was the opposite (this was already happening in early 2016). I remember that during those weeks I managed to get into my Facebook and saw several messages with the other person, the next day she went to my house to give me back what she had in her and that was a long farewell,

By trusting me that she would continue to love me, I was wrong, she loved me but not as before ... We stayed several times in those months that we were going to see each other but I always pretended to do something to be afraid that she would hate me and make me cry in front of her After everything I did to him, in July it was time to leave the country, but I could not see it, I went empty and knowing that I was going to lose what I loved and loved the most in my life, days after being here, I try to talk to her and reconsider ... So we are at a distance to return and I swear that I would never make another mistake, that I was willing to EVERYTHING, she at first agreed to me, she made me believe many things, like she still loved me but very little not like before, he missed me, he loved me, but ...

The day Yesterday she confessed that she did not feel anything anymore, I do not have anything more to ask her things and try to know the reality of what she felt but she never answered, I felt such a great emptiness, I could not believe that the LOVE OF LIFE I said that after so much, I have cried without stopping and I have felt the most inept, guilty, inoperative, idiotic, unsuccessful person in the world, I had never witnessed being this way, I hate someone for cheating just for revenge "or the life of many turns "

Many important things are not here, there are no details, there is no depth, simply this is something simple and fast, there is no real evidence of what we felt about each other, this is just one more story to tell.

I do this because I would really like to write the whole story, I want people to know that it is to truly love, to be in love and excited about something inexplicable, to lose the love of your life in exchange for mistakes or obstacles that life puts you as simple tests and see if you can overcome them, I do not take advantage of them many times and I regret it. She is a perfect woman, her beautiful eyes, hair, smile, her tall and thin legs, her way of walking, her kisses, her caresses, she remembers the moon house, each nail, each thing she said, her favorite foods, her favorite clothes , his fingers, his flat abdomen and soft back. We always had plans, things to do, desire and now everything has fallen. I still hope to see her again and rediscover that love, I remember seeing her promised to love her until the last day of my life and that's how it will be,

This story is a good basis for you to realize that you will always have someone in your life and you have to value it, "you never know what you have until you lose it", I thank you for being in me, in my life and make me feel the happiest man in the world plus a goodbye because I've lost everything.

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