Our hearts scream to be together

             Our hearts scream to be together

It all started at age 15 when I decided to change from a female school to a mixed one, in fact, I went back to where I studied all of elementary school. The old classrooms, the old masters, old classmates ... He was so happy! And there he was ... With his black eyes, so beautiful. Although honestly, at first I did not pay attention to him and I think he did not either.

In an English class, I forgot my book and the teacher ordered Gabriel (my love) to please put his desk with mine and share a book ... he acted as if I did not exist, as if he was courageous to choose it to him ... I did not understand his attitude and I did not pay attention to him, and in fact, I came to think "what a heavy guy!" Who would have thought about what would happen next?

I was very joking, I always looked for the funny thing in any situation, I liked to make the group laugh, it was when Gabriel's group (which were in total four) began to become close to me. Suddenly, they were my great friends! And my Gabriel became my buddy (so to speak). All the classes, every day, we laughed at everything, we talked so much nonsense that even sometimes the boys, tired of so much clowning left us alone and we did not even give ourselves. I saw him as a good friend, until one day, on the way out, my friend Gaby and her then-boyfriend Alejandro began to hint at things ... In a mocking tone they said "Aha, itchy, we know you're with Gabriel"!

That was like a bucket of ice water! Too unexpected! Gabo and me? Boyfriends? 

When I got home I thought about it ... "Does he like me?" I got too confused !! Maybe my friends were bothering me, maybe what they told me was because somehow he wanted to get close to me, that is, be my boyfriend ...

I ignored the situation and continued as usual. .

After all, Gabo was still my friend and we kept laughing at everything! It was when the insinuations and rumors began to spread, suddenly, almost everyone in the class said the same ... And it was there, that my heart began to fall in love. But there was a problem, he, despite his good sense of humor, was too shy ... just like me: /

It was too late, the weeks passed and it was official: I had fallen in love with him, it became my last thought of the day and the first on waking. I wanted so much that he told me he feels the same ... Because I would never dare ...

The year was still happening and my love for him grew, since the days of the rumors, he and I walked away, I even changed my position, before, I sat next to him, then, I went with my friends, on the other side of the classroom. It hurt so much, it hurt so much that love that every day grew more and more and more ... We both acted like we did not care ... But when somehow, our eyes met, there were words left over.

Those black eyes shouted at me: "I LOVE YOU!"

He was afraid to look at me, and everyone began to ask me "Are you already dating?" How did that question hurt ...

He finished the year and suffered so much because he never told me anything. On vacation, I decided to forget what I felt for him. And I thought I had forgotten, when the second year of high school began.

That year a boy arrived, whom I ended up liking him !! he became my best friend and of course Gabriel did not like the situation, so he decided to take revenge and look for another. That hurt me a lot, so much, that in an impulse of idiocy I decided to change school ... It was horrible to be in that school, everyone talked about sex, parties and things like that, it was so different to my beloved school. And my boy with black eyes, how I missed him! However, due to matters of the old school, we saw each afternoon of Monday and Tuesday. With our eyes we told ourselves how much we were surprised, nobody could separate us those few hours a week that we saw each other. I could not do it anymore! I had to go back to him.

And so it was, the last year I returned desperate ...

And that was the best year! We had to do internships for our specialty, we needed to graduate ... They divided us all into groups. Blessed teacher, put us both in the same group! It was like a dream, I saw him the whole day at school and then the whole afternoon until almost the night! It was as if we had made up for lost time, we were so happy ... My love grew and grew more and more, he no longer hid it so much, one day I caught him asking desperately for me, they told him he was out and he ran out to see me!

But the fairy tale was over, the exams were coming, we had to concentrate ... And once again, we moved away ... I honestly did not have time to feel bad about it, I had to graduate ... And so much so that suddenly, the day of the graduation arrived. Everyone was happy and proud, until the ceremony ended, it was there that I realized that maybe we would never see each other again ... That's how it was: 

I've been with two other guys, I've lasted almost a year with each one, but the memory of my Gabriel, his black eyes, that deep voice when he whispered to me, his laughter ... all that comes back and chases me like a ghost that does not let me be happy I have moved to another city to study at the university and now this distance has increased my pain, four years have passed and I still love him with all my heart, and I still cry.

And I only know that he has my heart, that no matter who I am with, who he is with ... Our hearts scream for being together, but distance and pride have condemned us ... My Gabriel, my love. I love you and I will love you forever.

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