Forever my first love

                       Forever my first love

Since Kinder I have been a very quiet and serious girl and this has brought me a lot of ridicule over the years. For the same reason, I always go unnoticed by the boys. When I entered the High School I met one, we were in the same primary school but in a different room so I only saw him twice.

When I entered Secondary I had played in A but the next day they changed me to B and that's when I saw him, he's quite handsome and has dark brown eyes that highlight his brightness, at first he just seemed attractive, I did not want to fall in love , make illusions or something like that, plus he, like many, was after another girl

One day while the whole room laughed at me and made fun of saying that if I had eaten the mice mice, a phrase I've heard a million times, but hey, what can be done to the lack of ingenuity, the fact is that between the laughter was heard a YA DÉJENLA, and if it was when I began to fall in love, almost ending the school year began to talk to me and play with me, which excited me more, however, nothing happened.

The following year, as in the middle, we were going to do team work, but nobody was there, only us, and we spent the whole afternoon together. We even met a neighbor of mine who was his friend and told him that I was his girlfriend, something I denied with all the pain from my heart.

The next day at school he asked me to be his girlfriend and I answered him the next day he asked me again with a yes and I left haha. I had work to do, so time went by, the rumor spread, as I was my first boyfriend I did not know what to do and I did not approach him, he did not try to do it and one day I heard the rumor that he was with another and It even ended with me, it broke my heart, I locked myself in my room to listen to music, I did not eat well and blabla, I fell into depression.

I remember that we were in the living room and although he had hearing aids he listened to everything next to him, he was with a friend who asked me if we had walked, I just repeated what? Taking the headphones as a pretext to avoid the question but he suddenly shouted the question that she had asked me to which I answered quickly and almost whispering that I did not and I saw how he saw her with a face of few friends and told him you see. After he walked and ended with several including one of the room that ended with her became my best friend.

We went to third and I was no longer shy or serious I had fun even I had several reports was no longer invisible, quite the opposite, many were after me and one day I happened to play to have a boyfriend, the boy was following me the flow and in the room I said almost shouting yes, darling, referring to him.

Time passed, little by little my child came back with bright eyes and during a break he fought for me against my boyfriend lying to see who was staying with me, obviously all playing, he won, he began to sit next to me talk outside the school, it was almost as if we were boyfriends, one day he said he did not remember we had finished, FOOL, and well one day he asked me I said yes.

One weekend my best friend invited me to the square, took her boyfriend, this one to a friend who was not bad, then flirted with me, the next day he asked me to leave, I accepted because I would go my friend and her boyfriend but It was not like that, the guy told me beautiful things until I had asked Diosito for me to go, and he confused me, that night was a torture and on Monday I had a week with my child I finished it with the explanation because I am TONTA. He suffered a lot, KARMA 

I walked with the other guy, we finished and badly because I still loved my child, he walked with another, they finished, the graduation was approaching, again we talked, the day before he was in the rehearsal when we finished we went to the park several, he hugged me and they asked us if we had returned, he answered yes and he told me to also say yes, we were alone, his friend, my friend and I, he charged me and squeezed me hard in his arms, his friend said he wanted to kiss me, we reacted I told him to take me down, he let me go and we walked like boyfriends, they left me in my house and he said goodbye to me a thousand times.

Then it was already the graduation was dismissed another thousand times, we continued chatting, he dedicated a song that was exactly what had happened, I entered the high school and we stopped talking to us until we did not do it again, I have it on Facebook and I saw that now he has a girlfriend, they even turned one year old and the truth is that I am happy to be happy, I do not feel jealousy or anything like that, on the contrary, I see his publications that sometimes appear at my beginning and I smile at the screen.

P.S. You will always be my first love.

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