Three stories

Three stories

My story begins about seven years ago, when I met the man that would be my first love. He was a kid from my neighborhood very nice, I was then with a six-month courtship with another boy from my school, my boyfriend was with my family, came to the house and everything, but everything changed when I met that boy Cute from my neighborhood, I ended up with my boyfriend to start with that new relationship, then we started dating, he was very cute and tender, the bad thing about him was that he took a lot and it was always me that had to go and see him wherever he was.

His family knew me and begged me to make him change, but I could not do it I was very foolish. We had been dating for four months, one day I forgot my cell phone in his house and my old boyfriend had sent me an email saying that he loves me and he can not forget me, let's see where we always did. You know the mind of them flies but I was then a virgin, then one day to reconcile we met and went to the house of a friend where what happened had to happen. I was very happy because the next two days he was watching me, but just as if one day he disappeared, I did not know more about him.

After 2 months he showed up at my house drunk and insulted me, I ended up with him but I felt devastated, I started drinking a lot, every week or every two days I got drunk at home and my parents did not realize it, it was horrible , not knowing more about him, one day in those so many drunken encounters I met a boy who lived in my house, I really felt so hurt because I had my first time and the other boy disappeared, then one day I started drinking with the boy and I do not know why it would be the drunkenness that we had sex on the first date and the two drunks.

I felt terrible that's why I called my first love to ask for forgiveness because I felt guilty but he never showed up, as it happened with the new boy I felt like I was tied to him because my reputation and my dignity weighed a lot, so I decided to give myself a chance with that boy spent six months and the reaction was based more on sex but at six months I got pregnant, when they found out in my house they said that I had to marry him and that's how it was, I got married at 18, just 14 February thinking that would bring me luck, I was already four months pregnant when I got married.

My first love had learned that I am pregnant and reappeared but I did not want anything, I loved it very much but my dignity forbade it. I did not want to hear what had happened for him to get away from me, so I continued with my wedding, I did not love him but I was happy, I was a good boy, I knew my previous story, I had told him and he accepted me like that, I thought it would continue That's the way we were when we got married.

The happiness lasted two months, because he began to reproach me that when I met him I was not a virgin, he told me that the son was not his and so many more, he did not work and when my son was born it was my family who gave everything to me son, since I was still studying at the university because my parents paid me the university.
He became jealous and there was no day that was not discussed, until one day he went to work away, came every 15 days, spent a week and went back, never was when his son needed something, he was upset when he got sick and I came to know that she had been with another on her work trips, when she started seeing other girls she started to change her look, to look better, and her ego grew, she missed me, there was a day that more support and I separated from him, my family supported me but had lived a year with him, it was like I was used to him or my dignity to be with him grew, when he wanted to see me we always went to a hostel and we had sex, I I told him to come back and build a family with my son the 3 but he always put pretexts.

I stopped studying to get to work since one of the pretexts was that the money did not reach us but none of those options was good for him, one day of the many exits to the hostel I got pregnant a second time, I told him and he told me. He said that he was not his son and that with one was enough to ruin his life, that day he did not want to know anything about him, but I do not know why and until now I do not know why I endured so much.

One of those days he told me to look out because I told him that I felt a little bad because of the pregnancy because in my work I spent all day standing, he supposedly appeared to give me some pills for pain, I trusted him I took them, after a few minutes of drinking I started to feel a bleeding and yes, he had given me pills to abort, that was one Wednesday that I will never forget that great pain.

That happened and he told me that we are going to be together all three well I accepted that, until one Saturday of the same week I just left the hospital for the abortion appeared the uncles who are now my son's godparents, and they told me everything, they confessed to me that he was living with another girl a long time ago and that she had a girl that was not his but still he gave everything to her and the girl while he and his own son did not give him anything, You can imagine the pain of knowing everything he did to be with that girl, he was able to kill his own daughter, I say daughter because I knew deep down that she was a woman.

There my family found out about everything that happened, they wanted to imprison him but I did not allow it, it was so much hate that I felt that I wanted to take revenge on him, but I did not, of course my family was there supporting me always ... I had follow psychological treatment to overcome everything that happened, but still I can not forgive what he did, but I continued with my life.

When I was two years old, when I was 21, I met a boy at my job who was very caring and affectionate, I confessed that he had a son and he told me he was going to be a father very soon, we started getting along, we were friends almost half a year when he told me that the girl who was his partner because he had never married her had tricked him and left their house, I only listened to him and did not feel anything for him since he was going to have a son and I had one, two stories behind each day.

One day my husband found out that I was dating that guy and he started the persecution, went to work, went to the house, called me asking about his son, there I wanted to see him and everything, he asked me for forgiveness on his knees for what he had done and for reasons of fate I learned that the girl with whom he deceived me had passed him a disease which he now has to have a son to follow a treatment, so it was destiny alone was in charge of doing justice.

Well with the other guy from my job we started to leave more because he was not his daughter's mother anymore but he was always looking for the unborn child, I remember that several times we both went out to buy things for him. daughter's birth, one day he took me to his family, he lived alone but it was the end of the year and I was alone because my family went on a trip, so he invited me to spend with him, it was bad to look like the family saw him wrong since he had just ended a relationship and he was already taking another girl to meet, then among the whole family had agreed to talk to the old couple to convince him to come back and it was like that.

In January they returned and I then left him, but at work it was different, he did not say hello and I missed him because he was a good company for me, at that time I did not know if it was love or just enjoyed his company.

One day in a celebration he took me out to dance and told me how he felt about me, but I was with the other girl, who was going to have a son of his, because I agreed to have an open relationship with him without complications, we went out when we could , we talked, we told each other, we celebrated our birthday I think nobody had behaved so well with me, I fell in love with him, I could not be away from him or from me, we loved each other, since we both had previous history, He told me he was only with the girl for the daughter who was about to be born, yes, he told me everything and most of the time he spent with me, he almost never came to his house where she was, he was always with me alone.

After four months of relationship I gave myself to him but knowing that I loved him, he was very nice and tender, well he did everything with me, we went out to eat, dance, play, but still he does not take away that I was still the other, because he One day I had confessed that I was with another person because that was when she left the house for the second time, because I was happy with the news but he was suffering for his daughter.

When the daughter was born she returned to him again, but I always knew everything because he told me even though it hurt me, he always told me the truth, when he was born he called me at 2 to tell me the news, sincerely he is a good father.

After two months the girl left again, this time it was definitely, the pain I felt to get away from her daughter made me feel guilty about everything because if I was not in his life, he would be happy with his daughter, but I always stressed that it was only for the daughter.

Little by little it was overcoming that pain but he never neglected the daughter and we started to leave more and we are more than in love then one day he asked me if I wanted to go live with him, he did not ask me for marriage because I was still married, he told me I processed that and that's how it was.

I divorced my old husband and again appeared to ask for forgiveness, a year and a half ago we went to live with him, it was nice but I started to remember things that had happened with my former husband, I became jealous and possessive because I did not I wanted them to do the same to me, because of all the difficulties we have been living together for three years, he passes the pension to the daughter and I, because I always pay attention to my son, I went back to school, I overcame my jealousy, now I work, I study, I am a mother and I am with a man who loves me and I love him despite the difficulties or problems that exist, we understand each other better and we are already thinking about having children both, healing my heart and forgiving what has happened to me has helped me to move forward with my life and having my husband and my two children by my side.

My first love could never overcome that I had married and I never knew what happened in reality for him to get away but now he has a son of his own cousin and his parents are forcing them to marry.

My first husband was left alone without being able to have children and now no one looks as nice as before, a woman is fixed as it appears as divorced and with food judgment, and unable to have children.

I am now 25 years old and with my husband I am happy with plans to have a son of the two and get married very soon.

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