In The Same Place

                                     In The Same Place

You spent hours eternally bored, with nothing to do or undo. Television in the evenings and computer in the evenings. His father can not take it anymore, well this time he already said it in earnest, -see to sell in my position-. In a corner between the main avenue and a street, his father sold handmade sweets. He would have to be there all afternoon selling until his father came to pick him up at night. There was no other choice, he had to go one winter day. He settled into a seat and snuggled his arms, waiting for the clientele. The hours passed, the boy was just like at home, bored. He began to read the newspaper that his father bought, read and in the background listened to the noise of buses and cars.

A sharp scream captivated his attention, someone came near him, looked up and was a child who had crossed the avenue, but that did not catch his attention, that was not what captivated his look and amazement. A teenager, she wore a beret on her head, the girl dazzled him with her slenderness and clarity, with that look she did not seem interested in what was going on around her and kept walking. He passed by the side of his new admirer and she continued walking without paying attention. He saw her go to another street and disappeared from his sight. Anomalous interest felt inside him, like knowing where he came from and where he would go. He proposed to come back tomorrow, but he remembered the school, so the other weekend, I hope he saw it again, it was presumed.

The boy did not return, his father left that business and he dedicated himself to another. Nostalgic when he remembered that time, he decided to live normal. Never imagine what would soon happen to him on the night of that eternal Sabbath. He returned home after a few trainings in the park, he arrived at his stable and there were not enough meters to get there. Fate wanted those meters to be magical, from a neighboring house, came the silhouette of a girl with a small child wobbling while walking. As he approached, the silhouette turned and the meeting of two faces with the surprised look and at the same time somewhat embarrassed. I could not believe it, the girl applied some intentional indifference and went back to the house, the boy passed with the stunned look in front, just wanted to enter his house, wanted to explode, could not stand the emotion,

In his room he burst sparks euphoria; her attitude, her character, her behavior and treatment changed surprising her relatives, -he is in front of her, she is there in front, God I can not believe having her so close- she thought. He felt sorry because she had seen him so dirty and sweaty that he walked, a bath and a change of clothes would immediately fix everything, he proposed.

After dinner, with the excuse of going to buy at the store, timidly went out to the street, saw that house, noticed that the front door was open and that inside you could hear music, stopped a while hiding waiting. I walk slightly to the sidewalk in front and sat on it. The spirits exploded inside. He remembered a phrase that that moment fell like cold water: "Never beg for a little love, love comes to you alone and if you do not want, do not wait."

He reacted for the moment and turned to see that house again. Moon in the sky and Sun on the horizon, she was there, still with her right hand on her chin, hiding to see the opposite side. The boy's body shuddered, his thoughts almost said it to the air, she must have seen it because she came right to him.

- Hello ... Do you know where there is a cellar nearby?
The boy raised his arm like an arrow and pointed to his left
- Over there there
She looked at him hesitantly, one more question might give the final verdict.
- You live here?

The boy replied that if he gestured and then said
- There in the blue house, and do you live in that house?

The girl laughed softly, he caught the smile, she answered him.
- You know where I live.

The boy did not fit in his surprise before asking him a question, she added
- I've come to visit my grandmother, and I'm about to leave, I hope we meet again when she comes, bye. 

She started to move away from him, then decided to ask her name, she went back to see him and said
- My name is Juliette and you?
The boy answered in a hurry
- Lisandro, tell me when you come?

She became pensive for a few seconds, after that she gave an answer -I'll come tomorrow, I'll be here all afternoon, bye Lisandro- the very happy replied- until then Juliette- At that moment her family left and they got into a car, They marched and he felt like without a piece of his body he had been taken off the plane.

He did not sleep that night, capriciously woke up minutes before eleven o'clock in the morning. He was surprised by that terrible act, which his father would tell him now. He washed and changed, went to the dining room and only his mother was in the kitchen. He asked about his father, he was not there, his brothers were playing, he had breakfast and decided to go out. What would be his surprise that Juliette was sitting on the railing of that house, did not miss and with a soft hello left each of his lips, Lisandro had a tremendous smile on his face, approached her, I commented who thought she would come later, she laughed and said that her mother had decided to come at this time, then he thought she would leave early.

Motivated, he began to speak spontaneous things, things that sometimes added with some jokes and jokes, the two were sharing thoughts, there were times where they separated for some occupations but they always returned to see themselves in the place where they spoke the first time: the sidewalk of the street.

Almost at twilight some boys proposed to play volleyball, put together an improvised court on the street and they together also began to have fun in their dynamics. Then he accompanied her to the store and almost in the final moments was next to her. Uncovered love, love in the air.

Juliette and Lisandro were silent in a cell on a staircase. It was the moment of dismissal, chaotic time, you could feel how every second hurt while passing, Lisandro saw the hands of Juliette resting on his knee, took them gently. Juliette amazed with her eyes on the ground, Lisandro now touched the shoulder of his partner, and very slightly said "Juliette tell me something or kill me at once".

Juliette with her eyes still on the ground to say softly -I want you to spend more time with me- Lysander could not stand it and in a strong hug both were received.

They say that from that moment in the early hours you see two young people sitting on the sidewalk of that street, and when you pass by there you feel a sentimental atmosphere that could even make you cry.

When love finds you, alone it falls at your feet.

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