It was an abrupt break, but we love each other

           It was an abrupt break, but we love each other

  A few months ago I was a little disappointed with everything that love refers to, I liked someone who did not correspond and even had a girlfriend. I talked to a friend, Tania, and I told her my problems in love, she as a good friend who is always advised me and always gave me her good opinion. One day a friend from my childhood named Daniel wrote to me, Daniel wanted me to be his girlfriend. Since I was in a desperate search for love, I said yes, if I wanted to be his girlfriend. (That was in February, 2015) Daniel is not an ugly man but to me in particular I did not like it so much as to go crazy. He was so bored and always bothered by things as simple and unimportant as for example: If I did not put the Web cam he would get upset.

as simple and unimportant as for example: If I did not put the Web cam he would get upset.

One night Tania sent me the picture of a boy who said he was his cousin, Eric. I did not see the picture until the day I entered the image tray of my phone, when I saw the picture the boy was a tall brunette, with brown eyes and black hair, a blond boy was next to him. When I saw your picture for the first time I immediately thought, who sent me this photo? And immediately delete it from my phone. That same day, Tania spoke to me and asked me if I had seen the picture of her cousin Eric and how I had seen him. I asked him if he was a brunette who was with a blond boy and he said yes, I answered that if I had seen him but he did not know who had sent the photo. Tania obviously wanted me to meet her cousin to see if we could live a romance. She asked me if I wanted to talk to him and I said yes that was fine but I did not like it, the boy did not like me because he looked very young. Five minutes later, Eric writes to me, a child who is so shy and because of that shyness I did not like him at all, Eric liked it immediately, he saw my picture, for him it was love at first sight. Eric I did not like him but he seemed so tender, because of his words you could feel the nerves that I caused him.

As the days went by, Eric began to get more and more interested in me, and I was dealing with Daniel, Eric could not find a way to tell me that he liked me and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend, I told him I did not want to a distance relationship more he insisted and to feel something inside me that told me that he was worth it I told him that if a 02/16/15. After I started that relationship with Eric I immediately cut Daniel, he was upset but I was honest and I let him go.

After a while, Eric fell in love with me and I saw how that brunette with beautiful Chinese eyes spoke to me, cared for me and always sought me out; After long conversations and several weeks of continuous communication with him, I became more interested in him until at last I fell in love with my little brunette.

Months went by ... The desire, the desire and the desire to see us grew. We had a huge desire to see and kiss each other until we no longer have breath, at least I felt that way.

We agreed that I was going to visit him since I was the only one who had the possibility to do so. For the short time we had together we had many beautiful dreams, we wanted to get married and have a baby, we did not care if we lived in DR or here in NY we felt that we loved each other and that was what we wanted to be together the rest of our lives, we dreamed that he was going to finish his medical career and we were going to get married and we were going to have our first player of our great team of seven babies, if we dreamed of having five or seven babies a large family, we played a lot with the idea . I speak to his parents about me, to all his friends he boasted to me. I did the same, I did not want him to be anonymous to my loved ones.

The months went by and many family situations happened in my house. I told him everything, he told me everything and we did not hide anything. He is my perfect man, the love of my life, my boyfriend, my best friend, my confidant, I LOVE him.

On 08/19/15 my great love ended after six months of boyfriends, she left me, she told me that she could not bear to think so much, that she did not want to take me away that she needed someone that he could have close to be able to hug her and that with the The only condition that returned with me was if I returned to my native country.

I tell him to wait for me for three more months and he does not want to.
On 02/22/15 I wrote to you, I lost all my dignity as a woman in a call, I called him and I asked him as they say in my cocoa country, I asked him to please not give up that he would fight for ours, that I loved him truth and that I was willing to do everything for which despite not having seen his face in person I love him, he refused and came back and put me on the table his conditions to return with me.

A couple of days went by and he and I were ignoring each other trying to get their way and forget, well ... At least that was trying to make me forget about him, I do not know what he was doing.

The truth is that since I left it was very well, I was so hurt and sad that I started to put images on Facebook so that they would sting him or hurt him, as I saw that that did not do anything to him and I put a new picture of myself so that I saw what I was letting go, I put the photo and did not wait for the lique, ninety-odd lique plus certain comments from the guys piropeándome and he no case.

On 02/26/15 I went back and talked to him. That day I wrote to him complaining because he had removed me from Facebook and blocked WS when I realized that he wanted to die and I wrote to Facebook telling him:

Palme. -I'm wrong you treated me that you eliminated me from Facebook and blocked me? We had not agreed that we were going to be friends, I do not understand you! 

Eric - I did not think that it would bother you but I could not keep seeing everything you pin or comment, every time I see something that you put on me I torture myself and I can not stand it anymore so I'll eliminate you.
Sorry but I can not keep seeing anymore.

He told me that he loved me and that he missed talking to me very much that it was not easy for him and that he wanted to show me how much he loves me, that if he were around me, he would never let me go.

I cry inconsolably when writing this story because I love that man so much and he loves me too. With that decision so sudden and so hard it broke my soul, I do not know what to do guys, he loves me too I know he told me repeatedly while we were arguing, he was crying because of this situation, he loves me but does not want to continue suffering from the distance I did not either but it really broke my heart with that abrupt decision.
I can not travel now because I do not have a job and it is a heavy expense to travel to my country and that's why it has been difficult for me. I'm afraid that those three months will pass that he forgets me and knows someone else.

TIPS PLEASE everyone tell me to let go and look for someone else but I can not I want him in my life, I love him and I want to continue fighting for this beautiful love that we have.
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