MY FIRST AND ONLY LOVE

Hi, my name is Abril and I will tell you the story of my first and current love. I'm 14, almost 15 years old. It all started when in 2012 I started my first year of secondary school in a new school. The truth, it was very easy for me to adapt to my new colleagues. There I met my best friends and ... my love.

Everything was like this: I have a friend "Mica" who gave me her friendship and confidence shortly after meeting me, but I failed her, betrayed her. That's right ... I fell in love with her ex (one year younger than us). Two months after they finished, their relationship had been "innocent" so to speak, without a kiss or anything ... They lasted two months and immediately after finishing, he became a boyfriend with his current best friend.

I started talking to him, Fabian, to try to reconcile him with Mica, but it was all confusing. I do not know how it happened, but we fell in love, for what he left his girlfriend and then I had to tell Mica. Obviously, she got very angry with me and stopped talking to me. Now he hated me and since he did not want me near, I stopped insisting (now we were very close friends again) and went ahead with my relationship with Fabián which started in September.

He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, with him I knew love. We went through many things. For example: at first our relationship was "secret", since our parents did not let us have a courtship and my mother found out about this after we had been two months and she punished me. I could not talk to him for 2 months and we never saw each other.

In that time, at first, he endured them, but then he started to get confused and he was not serious at all with some girls. When we spoke again we decided to reconcile and today we have been 19 months.

I know we are boys, but I swear I love him very much. He rejoices me every morning, I love him in every way, he is imperfectly perfect and I do not regret anything I did for him. I also know that he loves me very much and although in these times we argue a lot, I swear that I will give my best so that we can improve, in front of all of you. 

Thanks for reading, luck.
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