YOU ARE PART OF ME

My love, I am writing this letter to you because I have been shutting up something for days that is burning me inside.

From the outside everything looks good, we laugh, I fall from the first date or hit my head with the controls of your car, we spend all day telling us nice things, we laugh out loud at the movies, we prefer to kiss to talk, We walk hand in hand, you have become my best friend and there is nothing in the world that I would not tell you.

Except one thing and I know you've noticed. I know why all of a sudden you just ask me why do I see you like this? what am I thinking at? Or when you just ask, what's the matter, love? It is because of those questions or rather my answers that I write this with guilt wrapped in flames. I promised you that I would never lie and I did. But I want you to know that it was not because of you that I did it, it was because of the time, things between us happened so fast that I could not control them.

I remember that moment when you told me that you wanted to spend your life with me that I could only answer with a "I adore you". I was a victim of time, of my fear and congruence, I lacked respect to our love, to me, but the most affected was you.

You have given everything, you take me to the track if I want to skate or do not sleep half an hour more because I want to be with you that half hour. You who without thinking you told me I love you and the second day you asked me to be your girlfriend. You, that you do not care about anything and you shouted your love to me to the world, you who have been a prince with me and you have taken care of me in every second. You who are the last and before I knew you just two days before I wrote about you, you who arrived on time, not a minute late, not one later. You who are the one who introduced me to heaven and gave me the tiara to be a true princess. You with all the fear you decided to risk yourself for me. You, who cured and erased my wounds. You that just by looking at me you knew it was me. You, who does not deserve this deception.

I lied to you, because every time I put that face was because I wanted to tell you something, every silent look that ended in a kiss, hid something very strong. I know it's very soon, but I do not adore you, I do not love you either, because wanting is just something you only want and you are part of me ... Forgive me, but I was afraid, but I'm ready and more than ready.

I love you.

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