Asthma and Skype

                            Asthma and Skype

I am a man, I am 22 years old, we can say that I am graceful I have good arrival with the girls, what if I have never had a serious relationship and officially present to all my family, I am rather of that discreet wave, you will understand me I hope .

But my life literally changed a little bit specifically when I turned 22, I live with two colleagues on the subject of college far from where my parents are. One of my colleagues came with these pages to chat on cam with people from other places and I was not interested, but one day everyone in the dining room after dinner got into how we say to look for girls, I do not lie I found several women with which I made contacts and all that wave to see if something came out.

After my birthday celebrations and everything like that I decided to go up to my room and leave them there on this page where we were looking for girls, well I lay in my bed and take my laptop and enter the page type 12 am and the The first person that appeared to me was a young woman for me, it was not like the others, that is, I liked this girl.

We began to talk to know that each one and more interested me in a moment until the moment we were silent and she covered her eyes and I stuck out my tongue I swear she gave me a touch in the heart .. I get the moment when I asked him for his contact and he gave me his Skype, I asked him for his Facebook or whatsapp and he did not even show me his cell phone and he did not have any request and he told me he had to go and said goodbye and disconnected ... .

After that I was waiting for him to accept me, when he accepted me he said he was sorry but he had been in the clinic for health problems ... after this we started to know better, we talked for hours on Skype but without seeing each other ... after a few days he made a call and I heard his voice we talked and we were both nervous we admitted it but we knew each other and with the passing of the minutes we reigned talking at that moment our "relationship" changed ...

He told me he loved me and had a good night that night I could not sleep imagining a million things, so we started with the messages of good morning and good night every day and I love you everything was excellent despite the distance, all this happened during the days of the week because on weekends I went to my parents and did not have internet. After that, he would connect in the morning to tell me a good trip and remind me that he would miss me until Monday, the days went by and that great little In the calls and messages, I LOVE YOU that for me were sincerely my heart.

After this I decided to ask him to be boyfriends (we already saw each other day by cam and Skype calls) I spent days looking for the most romantic way to ask him and I recorded a video with the proposal and all the songs that we dedicated until that time.

Her response was a great yes that she adored me that she had changed her life and just as I lived waiting for her to spend the day to talk with her, it filled me to see her and hear her speak to me.

She lived with her brother who one day wrote to me that the only thing she asked me to do was hurt her little sister and things like that she asked me for my number to be in contact and things like that well after all a beautiful month for me we continued with love intact she told her parents who wanted to meet me and all that thing that had me nervous but well ... One day she told me that her father told her that if she did well in college that year she would let him go for a month where I live that it is very far everything was branded for a perfect relationship I told my parents and everything was hard for them to understand but they knew that I was in love.

One day she spoke to me a little earlier, something unusual, she told me that she had had an asthma attack and that it was where her parents worried me but those days we talked all day I accompanied her in her rest ... After this she went back to her brother to return to the university, on Monday she called me and said that her brother had traveled with her brother and she was alone that a friend would come to keep her company. I told her that she understood and that she should take care of herself. It happened that her friend arrived and we said goodbye to her to take care of herself and we would talk the next day, which did not happen.

And here begins my maximum disappointment, that day he did not connect, I sent him a message hoping it was ok, but it was three days and I was worried that something bad had happened.

On the fourth day I received a message telling me that I was hospitalized for asthma and feeding problems. I felt terrible without being able to do anything. The only thing I asked was that he keep me informed that he told his brother to contact me to find out about she…. He said goodbye and told me he was jealous of his brother gave me goodbye and at 10 min it appears that I had been blocked from Skype ... my mind blamed his brother was days sending messages to Skype with requests for more emails but nothing was So much that I had not known anything at all for two weeks I started having insomnia I slept 3 to 4 hours and nothing.

It was so much that I decided to try to find a brother or family or friend of those whom I name so many times.

Search and search until I found someone, nobody answered me until one day I answered and told me it was not the same person who had asked ... I told him but how he answered me is that the one I know does not have that last name is another there I sent him a photo and he said, ah yes it's her but it's not called that makes me literally kill ... I asked how it was and he told me nothing else ...

The next day I answered that I did not ask for her because she is married and it does not concern me ... I honestly died inside but said it is impossible is a trick to not know about her. Maybe his parents blame me for their problems ... the days passed and he calls me on Skype saying that he goes to the USA with a brother to solve his health problems that we would not have the same contact followed as before but we would still be in contact with him in that point was scrapped ... I accepted it and asked her to take care of herself and remember that I loved her ... When I arrived at home in the evening I sent her a message wishing her a good flight and that I loved her.

I spend the weekend and they send me a Skype maje telling me that she was not what I thought and that she did not love me that I did not look for her anymore and that she did not ask anyone anything ever again ...

I honestly do not know what to do. I have thought a lot and I can not find a solution or logic I feel terrible ... What do I do?

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