At first we were just friends

                          At first we were just friends

Everything happened when I decided to go on a trip to my country, Ecuador. I was alone because my aunt bought me the ticket, I was 14 years old and I traveled from Spain to Ecuador, I was very excited because I have been going for 6 years and I stayed for three months there on vacation at my grandparents' house.

There I had a great time but what I like the most is meeting a boy who lived in the same house as I was 🙂and we were like neighbors.

At first we were just friends but later I started to like it but it was a little weird because I was 14 years old and on the 17th, we spent three years and well I already knew that I had no chance with him.

The first month we only talked but the second month my mother's cousin got married and I went and he went too, I was a lady and he was a gentleman and I realized that I liked him because we both danced all night and I loved how he looked at me but the most beautiful thing was when he told me he would not leave me alone for a minute. He is very happy because he already knew that I liked him but he did not know that I liked him too.

But when little by little the days were going by, I kept thinking about him one day as almost everyone went into his room to talk (like friends) He called me, he was lying on the bed and he told me he wanted to tell me a secret .

I approached and looked at me so beautiful that I do not know why I got the fear and I tried not to spend anything else and the truth is that I do not know why I did that. But the day I will never forget was when there was no one in the house, there were only my three cousins, they live next to the house, we went to see a movie and since he was also very close to my cousins ​​he also went to see the movie.

I was seeing her in the top bunk and my cousins ​​in the bottom one and suddenly she took my hand, looked me in the eyes and kissed me.

And that's when our whole love story began. After that he sat next to me and we were kissing but without my cousins ​​finding out, our love would be secret, nobody could find out about us. I loved it and from there every time we were alone we were together. It was fun because every time we spent alone we were together and that's how the first days of my first love went.

One day we decided to go on a trip to the beaches and what I liked the most was that I went to the same beaches and in the same hotel I loved the day because I sat next to them and slept together (with dissimulation so they would not find out) and those holidays were the best in my life we ​​escaped to see each other and be together.

The saddest part of my story was that in a short time I was going to return to Spain, it was very sad because it was my first love, I will never forget it and I know that neither did it to me, those were my unforgettable holidays that I will never forget.

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