Remembering my first love

                           Remembering my first love

 How beautiful is love, how many beautiful sensations it produces, I want to share my story that left me many beautiful memories. My story begins when I was 14 years old, I was in physical education class, all sweaty as you can imagine haha, and when the class ends I grab my bag and leave school, when suddenly a classmate shouts at me in the distance: "Tatiiii come I want to introduce you to someone!" I turn around and go back to where she was, there was a boy who had told my partner to introduce us. He introduces us and leaves us alone, offers to accompany me and carry my bag, and that's when we met: he had a particular tone, porteño, and on the way we chatted.

A few days later he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, and I said yes, he was my first boyfriend. He was very respectful, we had not kissed each other since we had started dating.

Every day after school he would accompany me to the stop. One day he told me that he brought good omens for the relationship if we kissed (the picarón looked for a very original way to ask me for a kiss), in that moment I approached him, and he approached me, and our lips touched , I can not explain the thousand sensations that kiss gave me, all the tactile receptors of the lips of the mouth were stimulated and I felt as if I was going through the air, it was a fantastic experience, that day was my first kiss.

Then always at the playground I went and looked for me, when we left the school we went to the park and we hugged each other, chatting, laughing, we told ourselves what the girls' kids thought and what the girls thought of the boys, haha ​​were very funny, but as in any relationship were not missing discussions, he always had the insecurity that he would change it for another, because his ex-girlfriend had betrayed him with another boy being with him, then always in his mind was that ghost of betrayal stalking, believing that I was going to do the same, haha ​​was very ironic what happened next.

One night I decided to go dancing with my friends, and I told her that tonight was going to be girls' night, he got a little upset because he wanted to go, but I made it clear that he wanted to spend that night with them. He decided to go to another bowling alley.

After that weekend he was weird, he was not the usual one, as if he wanted to discuss anything (basically he feels guilty), at one of the breaks he says he wanted to talk to me, he grabs me waist and he tells me with glazed eyes that the weekend he had gone to another bowling had betrayed me with another girl. When I heard that they were like thunder to my ears but even more like daggers in my heart, I let go without saying a word and I walked away from him, he did not say anything else, we walked silently each one to his classroom.

When I got to my course I could not contain the tears, my friends consoled me, I had never imagined that I could receive a betrayal by him, after the promises, and so much love that I lavished, I just could not understand it. Then he asked me to come back, that to be on hand, I would kiss with all the boys I wanted, but for me that did not work, I forgave him but we could not go back.

After that event he started going to school with this other girl, the pain that I felt was getting worse, those days were a sea of ​​tears, I did not understand why he did it, because he had disrespected what we had , and without having spent a while I was already with another, able to do it to make me jealous or to realize that I did, at that moment I did not understand what the real reason was. 

A few days passed and he realized that he missed me, that being with this other girl did not help him forget me, but quite the opposite, so one day he tells me all that, and that he wanted to return with me, that things with this Girl did not work, I missed what she had with me.

And he was very insistent, if you ask me to tell you some example of someone who has sought me several times, respectfully always, I can say that it was him.

One night at the school dance, he had gone with another girl, things between us were pretty harsh, the relationship had been denigrated to such an extent that his insistent requests and his wanderings with other girls had no effect on me anymore, It had caused me so much pain that we were like two strangers.

Parallel at that time I had started chatting several times by chatting with another guy from school, we had not talked personally yet, and that night at the school dance I saw him and we greeted each other, his name was Leandro. Then we parted, each with his group of friends.

With my friends after going to buy soda and eat something, we decided to go to the dance floor, when I was walking on the dance floor, someone grabbed my hand and gave me a little walk to dance, it was Leandro. We danced for a while, and at one point he asked me about my boyfriend, and I told him that I no longer had, that I had been unfaithful. We continue to dance to the music, until in a moment, very delicately he takes my hands to his neck, and he kisses me. I reciprocated the kiss, and we kissed passionately, made me feel with that kiss things that had not felt with my ex, I do not know if my heart was so torn that its containment took me to that state of delivery, and I'm sure that I felt it was not spite but quite the opposite. That night was unforgettable.

Then we continued to see each other, and my ex learned about that night because the gossip as they know run in the secondary, and he looked for me again, but I chose that boy who made me live a magical night, and every time I saw him I felt butterflies in my belly, feelings I had not felt for my ex. Anyway, dear readers, in the end we did not continue with Leandro, but as he told me: who takes away the dance? So here comes my story I wanted to share, I leave to your criteria what was my first love, anyway both showed me the thousand feelings of the first love.

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