Can we get to something serious

      Can we get to something serious

You will see this starts the year 2014, playing a scooter I found her and she was very friendly so after playing we added to Facebook.

And there I greeted her but that did not happen anymore. We talked because I was the one who made the conversation and she answered me sharply many times and I supposed because we did not know each other in person.

Then he arrived this year and in February he began to talk more often until we came to the subject of love where he told me he had no luck, that he had finished with him after almost 8 years of relationship. After that the friendship relationship between her and me increased, we had more confidence reached the point where I told her on March 1 that I liked her and that no matter the age (she is 28 and I am 21) I wanted to be with her, but good to summarize she told me that it is very accelerated that I am perhaps excited and not. That same day we continued talking, we even had voice audio for the first time and arrived at 9:30 in the evening if I remember correctly, about topics that we talked about, she said to me out of nowhere 'I love you very much'. I was delighted and I followed the thread and I said 'I love you too', to which she replied 'I hope this works.

I'm sorry but I have to tell you this, she and I started to have conversations by risqué chat, we even went through discussions and in one of those she spoke to me in the phase being a little bit of a drink. Saying that she hated me (she also told me that she met her ex after many months of not seeing him and that he asked her forgiveness and wanted to return with her) for playing with her feelings, but that she loves me very much and thinks of me . The day after that happened, she talked to me and told me that being sober now she does love me and that she would accept being with me only as loving friends. If all stupid I said that because I did not feel safe about things, but the story does not end yet.

In addition to high-pitched chats, we already started calling and we had so to speak. Relationships by that means. We sent photos and all those things. I woke up one Saturday with her. But all this comes to the following. After 2 days of that night by phone. She told me: 'My ex has come with her parents to my house'-' She wants to marry me '. I certainly felt annoyed, annoyed, but more than that frustrated and impotent. When we were friends she told me in a funny / serious way that it was time to be a mom and that she did not want to spend many years at the age of 32. That's why I felt helpless I could not pray more than a courtship and nothing plus. We stop talking often and without that love of before. Days went by and she said that it would be better if she did not talk to him more than her head hurts from thinking that today she went to the clinic it was very bad, etc., etc. I was destroyed.

2 days passed and she talked to me and I was surprised, then we talked on cell phone and she said she loves me, I told her I miss you I told her my love. And I felt happy that we had returned. But, happiness lasted barely 1 hour, because after that she said to me, hey for things of life my mom heard me talking on the phone with you that now you can not, my brother will be aware of my phase etc. and he turned me down like the previous time. I did not convince myself of that silly idea so I spoke to him the next day telling him that he owes me an explanation.

To which she replied: 'Tell me, do you really like me ?, we can get to something serious. The truth is that there is no future between us. ' I'll tell you something, I felt very sad because part of what he told me was true. I had fallen in love with her but I could not offer her a future. It was there when she told me: 'I went back with my ex, today I did not go to work because he invited me to go out and I was with him all day'. They do not know what I felt when he said that, it hurt me in the background and I clumsy did not want to lose it and after talking we were just friends. But it is very difficult, we can not be as friendly as when we were two months ago.

Then I stopped talking but the willpower lasted me only 2 days this morning I said: Good morning, can I say something? - If you tell me. And I said: 'These are among the first things I think about when I wake up.' She told me how nice you are and then came the next. But I will tell you something, I can no longer see you with other eyes, not only because I have a crush on my face, but now there is someone else, who in the future will be very special to me.
Scared and sad I said, Are you pregnant? And she said yes. It is from here that I write this to vent and that I can help overcome this. I am a person not very social actually, I had friends but currently I do not have people with whom to enjoy say. An exit to the cinema, swimming pool all the events of the year, happened at home. Well and with respect to her we remain as friends and that is the end of my story of lack of love with her. I hope you can help me overcome it

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