Tell me how to forget you

Tell me how to forget you

It all started one day of school, normal, I had lost the year and I started it in another institution. Obviously I did not know anyone, everything was strange but only he caught my attention all year long ...

His name is Martin, I fell completely in love with him, regardless of having a relationship with someone else, I preferred to keep it but at the first opportunity I was going to tell him ... Months passed until in November, one spring night I decided to talk about it but with zero hope that he answered me, it was very strange everything, the bride forbade him to talk to me, I blocked social networks, everything. I spoke, I answered and I was with her, I lost even more hope but what I felt was still intact.

One night he talks to me saying that we do not tell anyone, that he stays between us and accepts, of course. But there I felt he was lying to me ... I banque him millions of times, he was a boyfriend, every time I looked at him he did it too and he smiled at me and it was the most beautiful thing that happened to me. It's time to be his support, his girlfriend left him, he was very bad but he really left ... he had the opportunity and left with someone else and was destroyed ...

It was wrong, like forgetting him, the year ended and he did not know that I liked him, that he loved him in silence until one night he looked for him at home and I decided to tell him everything. I remember that everything was shaking, my heart was beating a thousand, I was saying what I felt, it was strange ... I embrace the night. When he left he kissed me ... the first one and the one that made me feel like I was in heaven.

From December 26 to January 13, we keep meeting, talking until that January I asked if I want to be his girlfriend, she was practically the happiest girl in the world but everything that seemed to be fine as the days passed, months faded , jealousy, mistrust, people in the middle and everything was shattered.

Today we are already in September and each one is making his life, it is amazing how we went from feeling everything to feeling nothing. He had made me the happiest mine on the planet, at his side nothing was impossible, I felt that he was. "It is inevitable to feel pain to see that you are no longer, the soul is broken, the world is destroyed, a hell began to be that time you left and you said it was forever ... Every night is a" why he went to the shit? Will it be better? Did something happen to him? Is happy? "Constant, is to see that each day we are farther away when before we could not live apart, all the other way around?

I'm not big enough to know if I fall in love seriously or if I'm going to love someone like you again but I know that the best thing that happened to me, that you made me very happy, that you gave me everything, taught me that love does not happen from one second to another and that no matter how much they find fights, if it's love, it's going to remain intact, like the first day ... and I swear that's what I feel.

I do not understand why I fall in love like that, because I love you after all ... its what made me good but also bad and yet you filled that enormous emptiness, you healed my wounds, you filled every space with your love that made me grow and give me I realize that nothing and nobody is going to give me half of what you gave me.

Time passes, new people come, new promises, unexpected loves, guys who seek to do me good and happy but for some reason or another I say no, out of fear and why I can not overcome you, I can not stop loving you. Strange when you look me in the eyes, you smile and give me an unexpected hug ... your kisses, those that made me feel that I was in heaven, with you I felt that nothing is impossible, we had a thousand things to live but for something fate made that you were and everything ended like this.

I would like to go back and start from scratch, see how you were excited on that January 13 to know if he said yes or no to being your girlfriend ..

Now explain to me how I forget you? You taught me everything except that ... "I feel that today ... It's horrible to have to duck my head when I die for his hugs ... He's already far from me and I love him like the first day, I love him too much, do not give a little idea .

I hope he is happy. That is with someone to take care of him and give him everything that I could not.

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