For love

               For love

My story is long, it comes from many years ago, let's say 20. I met him because he was a friend of an uncle, at that time I was a 10-year-old girl and he was 22, he always attracted me but I never said anything, some time later (six years) we became good friends, we went out and nothing happened, we stopped seeing, at that time I already had family, two daughters, I really do not know if I lived with them.

Years passed without seeing us, when I turned 23 we saw each other again, then we could talk and tell each other what happened to each other, at first he denied me living with his family, four months later he confessed that he would go to to live with them, the mother of the girls and the girls, in those days she sold the car she had to be able to give a contribution to buy the apartment.

I was very disappointed but it was such a love for him that I accepted to be the other, I'm not happy to tell you this, it's something I'm ashamed of, we were in a hidden relationship, neither his family nor mine knew it, we had many discussions for time since I entered the university and it was not the same time we shared, and according to him, my friends were more important to me.

The discussions always ended in the same, bed, I always forgot the special dates for me, we had been four years and we discussed, we went away for six months and came back for me, according to that I had a disease that I had to take pills every day, I do not remember what it was but it was not contagious, I think it was thyroid.

We had been like this for five years now, I loved him but I felt bad about the situation he was living, he always told me that his house was a hell for his wife as they fight a lot for money according to him.

Shortly after completing the five years together I proposed that we had a child, we had spoken before and we had been just finished the university would have a son, well, I was only three semesters to finish so I proposed to have the baby, that I would be responsible, that I would not ask anything of him, in short, that it would be my responsibility, besides this I did not want surnames.

Three months after this conversation I got pregnant, by the time I realized I had three weeks but I had already argued with him and we had not talked to each other for a while, when I told everyone in my house they were happy. When I turned eight weeks old, he talked to me on the phone. ask me how the baby was, that if it existed or not, I confirmed it and told him to leave me alone, that he did not want to upset me and that we had already talked about it.

That day he brought flowers and chocolates to my office, we crossed a few words, he left me his phone number and he would call him for anything, a week I called him because he had transportation problems and we started a new story.

After liking sex so much, with pregnancy I did not like it or touch me but agreed to be kissed and caressed but then no more, he promised me that for the baby he would never argue with me again and that I would not lose again as It happened two years ago.

During the pregnancy was another man, he was watching me, he accompanied me to the controls, we agreed to the baby's name, he was always there when he needed it, in one of those days I saw a ring in his hand and asked him what was it, he answered, I had already told you, I did not ask more.

In that week he told me that two and a half years ago he had married his daughters' mother, I was surprised but I already imagined him when I saw him that ring, it was my biggest disappointment with him since we had been together for five years but in short , I knew he was a foreign man, it hurt me so much that I did not speak to him about the subject and I distanced myself a little, but with my baby he was watching us.

A few days later he proposed that I marry him and I said no, he was already married and he said everything had a solution, my heart told me yes but my head told me the opposite, everything was there. When the baby was born it was pending but from a distance, everything was wonderful, in those days I baptized my baby and he was the godfather, according to that to be more aware of him.

For Mother's Day we met, she invited me to lunch and that day I asked her if she had anything to tell me and she said no, but I thought it was strange, the following month it was Father's Day and she told me that her daughter I was pregnant with only 15 years, I was sad, I helped him with my son's things, which I accepted in that week I went to gossip the Facebook of the daughter and saw the picture of a baby with the same name. My son and they celebrated their first month, that day I called him and asked him who that child was and he told me that my son's younger brother, that was like a cold water bucket, he threw it to hell, he begged me so much for those days I told him that his whole family had to know that I existed.

He proposed that we go and live together but that I give him some time while saving a silver, I said yes because I thought his words were true, but to my surprise he never wanted to leave that house and still wanted to continue with me.

One day the daughter realized from the face of me that I had a picture of my son with him and they asked him who was that baby and he had to tell that it was his, I really do not know what movie he would ride in that house but he stayed there already he never fulfilled what he told me.

Like I was so angry that all I wanted was for everyone to find out what he is, I do not know what he would say to his wife, I only know that she forgave him and one day they went to my house to leave them see my son, I was not there and the one that came out was my dad, he did not take it out because he was asleep but as in my house they already knew that he was the father they called me, that day he went and he gave me a citation in family welfare to recognize the baby and in a court for threats, as I threatened, we went to summonses and a third was left to sign the recognition but until today's sun did not appear again.

This is my story, I do not feel happy to have been the other but when you fall in love you do not think about the consequences, my biggest wish was to be a mom and I feel happy to be, I will not speak badly to my son about his father but some day you will have to know all this history. It hurts so much to know that I lived a life of lies next to him that in these moments I realize that only lies come out of his mouth. And that my son does not care at all.

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