The archer, my weakness


                 The archer, my weakness

I have a relationship of almost three years, on June 7, 2013 I did what I thought I would never do, anyway, my story is as follows.

Three months before this date, a goalkeeper from a Trujillo soccer team started talking to me, he did not know me but I knew him, and he knew very well that he is married and father of two children, he got married very young and assumed very young responsibilities too, never fully enjoyed his money, nor his freedom, much less his youth for having assumed these responsibilities so young, and that is why he did things in secret.

I knew him from a very young age, and I always liked him, he is really very handsome and when he sent me invitations of friendship at the beginning I rejected him three times (I was nervous that he saw me or spoke for that reason I rejected him), when I saw a fourth invitation I decided to accept it and he actually spoke to me, we started talking and every day after his workouts, when we went to sleep we always communicated and I loved that, the third month it was inevitable that I was attracted to him and he to me too Well, actually, and I always knew, he was attracted to my body. I was always aware of that; and my way of talking to him always liked her, she said she was very mature for my age.

After a month and a half we started talking about sex, he told me about his adventures and I listened to him and told him experiences, I told him mine and that's how we started to play ... photos, conversations raised and he wanted to see me, I refused to I obviously knew that it would not only be kisses and hugs, the pretext I used was my lover, even inside I died to go with him, I said no and everything for my lover and in that aspect I felt terrible with him, I felt that I did not I deserved it.

One day my lover comes to visit me and he forgets his open chat, a girl spoke to him and I was surprised by everything he said, I kept reading and started looking for conversations with his friends and to my surprise it was he who had been deceiving me all this time And not with one but how many women he would have liked, reading his great deeds disappointed me, and although I never said anything, I left the world for about a month, he just told him that I felt bad and did not know why , to give me my space, we saw each other and came to see me but I was always sad and he did not suspect that I knew the whole truth, the month I remembered the words of the archer ALL MEN ARE UNBELIEVABLE and although many times I discussed that I gave mind that it was true.

Decided with that, in a conversation with my archer he proposed to see us again and this time I said yes, he was happy and he told me, let me plan it nice princess, you just plan your excuse. When the day arrived I was so nervous that I did not eat anything all day, we finally met and it was very nice, I felt so woman that I loved every touch, every caress, every kiss bristled my skin to the point that I wanted more and more, when we retired he said goodbye with a tender kiss, and he told me I'm calling.

After that day I close my eyes and I see him touching and caressing me, he definitely gave me one of my best nights, but anyway, life goes on and I do not look for it because I do not want to do it either, I'm still with my lover and he definitely goes to continue with his wife, and I hope that he will continue like this, that it is clear I do not want him for me, I know what he is looking for and what I look for him, but since that day I have not seen him again and although I still he says to see us, I am afraid that some day this will be known, and not because of my lover because he would not have the face to claim something, the fear I feel is that the one who discovers it is his wife.

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