My love of the university

                          My love of the university

My story is a bit silly and sad, because that's how I feel. Being a woman who has already had many falls, disappointments, pain, I had never felt full and quality love learning to be cold and distrustful of everyone. With a daughter who is everything to me, never putting other people before her.

Well my story started when I entered the University and I was with a boy, Luis, who adored me but he did not give me security. He was very young, I had projects and he told me to study so much if nobody would recognize me. I followed my plans without what I said to influence ... And in my first month of the University I met Cristian, someone who seemed very mature who knew what he wants, with two children, an excellent father, a very good person with others , with a wonderful family. He treats his mother like a queen, he seemed to me a very interesting man. He became very close to me because of the studies and I was still with Luis but things were getting worse. He did not support me,

Everything started very well with him, they were wonderful, magical months. I was in the clouds I felt very happy to have found someone like he trusted 100% in him. I gave myself to him as a quinceanera, I felt in love every day, I was very happy, he made me feel important, he showed me to be someone determined, a guy, a friend, someone perfect .... But as they say not everything that shines is gold ... After 5 wonderful months the one from day to another began to change, very distant as mysterious, and I began to doubt him. Since I met him I did not feel the doubt or jealousy less insecurity ... one day I left him at home and he left his cell phone in my car and I stupidly reviewed it and the world came on me.

I got depressed, I did not want to talk to anyone I did not want to leave and he did not give me any explanation only that if I got on his cell phone and he did not want anything with me we were just friends and his words hurt me so much he did not imagine the damage that I did, I moved away from him.

We did not talk to each other, but we had to keep looking for the University. Time passed and after approximately two months we were together again but nothing was the same anymore. I did not trust him, he was not as happy as before but being with him gave me a tranquility I felt at peace sleeping in his chest. I calmed down and slept well but he was not the same man I met the days passed and I caught him talking to another woman. I knew I had to leave it because it was hurting me but I felt so in love I was afraid to leave it. I felt insecure and endured, we started to fight very often, we ended up followed too. At times we had very good days and some very bad ones and he told me that he loved me and the other he treated me very badly and so I spend a year I still with the hope that he would love me as he said the day when we celebrated a year together. I gave him a photo album made by me with the story of us written. He adored him, he hugged me so hard that day that I returned to believe in him, to feel safe with him, to be happy again with him.

I felt so full and two days after that disappears, I stopped talking, I called and did not answer, I looked for it and could not find it. I did not know what was going on and when we had to see each other in the University, he told me again that we are only friends and that what we had was nothing and that I should continue with my life and I should not know more about him. He did not ask me more about how he was ... I was no longer anyone to him and he was still everything to me ...

It has already been a month since that and I feel that day after day it destroys me more inside, I lost myself and I do not know what I did wrong. I know I must be with another woman because of her sudden change but I can not get it out of my mind of my life. Nothing has made me laugh again, I do not know what to do and the worst thing that I should continue seeing him in classes for another year ... I feel so silly ...

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