Greetings, I do not pretend to be offended or judged, rather I want your honest advice. I do not know if there is someone else who happens the same, the truth is not a topic that can easily talk to people I know, the roll is very extensive. I hope someone has the will to read and comment on this.

I have a girlfriend that I am very much in love with. We have little more than a year together, although we already knew each other from before. I will not exaggerate or tell things that are not, I will only talk about how I feel them.

Basically, we are perfect for each other. When we are together, everything is pink, she is perfect in every way and I to her, we are perfect together.

Our problems began, when several months ago, suddenly, I began to notice strange attitudes in her, that did not seem normal to me. For example, one day between a normal conversation that we were having, he told me that he met a character in a library, that they studied the same thing and were doing an investigation on a particular topic and that they thought it was unlikely and they were not seen another day to exchange information ... and I went crazy! I discovered that I am jealous and "from my point of view" is not right that when a person has a partner, go out with other people of the opposite sex, or to coffee, to the movies, or anything else. The reason is that I think what makes people fall in love is the time they spend together and the experiences they generate together. So when going out with other people, I think you will inevitably end up being sexually or sentimentally entangled. I have seen that in dozens of couples ... Then, for my part clear, I do the same. When we became engaged, I stopped going out with other women and dedicated all my time and energy to my girlfriend.

She got upset a bit, we argued, and I told her that I did not feel like dating other men, so I did not want to have a relationship. Without being totally convinced, we agreed that we would not go out with other people and move on.

Then, one day, she commented that she wanted a scarf that she saw in a store, I went to buy it quickly without telling her and she sent it by surprise to her house, she wanted it to be completely a surprise, that she did not even imagine it and that I will forget ... and what will be my surprise that he did not tell me anything about it. I was doubting that they had given it to her, so I asked her: "Hey, did not you get a scarf that I sent you?" And she replied "Ah! Was it you? "That killed me. In that moment I realized, that he thought of someone else. He hid it from me, he did not even say "hey, they sent me a scarf, was that you?" Nothing, he did not say anything to me. There I began to distrust her ...

Over time, they went through a couple of other things like that, they "liked" photos of their Facebook friends, to suspicious comments, etc ... So one day I could not take it anymore and I asked him about his past and, what is going on My surprise, he had slept with more men than I would like to recognize. That devastated me, I can not believe it. I can not imagine it! It seems impossible to me that a person, regardless of whether he is a woman or a man, lies with so many different people. And she, as I know her ... I do not believe it, it does not seem possible to me. It's as if they were two different people. And here everything began to die.

We started to fight for everything, I claimed it many times, at any time, all the time, I have offended and insulted many times.

Now, the thing is this: I do not say that she is wrong, everyone does what they want and has their reasons. From my point of view, that is brutally wrong, especially because of sexual diseases and the consequences of all this that are permanent. All the people with whom he had relations, surely had with others and those others with others ... The risk of contagion is exponential, that on the one hand.

On the other hand, I'm not wrong to think as I think. That's how I grew up, it's what I know, it's what I believe, I'm conservative. So much so, that in the last seven years before being with her, I remained without a girlfriend, to keep my best moments and the best of me for when I fell in love and decided to get married.

Before she confessed all this, when we were already so in love, we started talking about getting married. Before encouraging me to ask him for a marriage, to ask for his hand, I asked him if he had nothing to confess. He told me no. I insisted a lot to the point that he got angry and said no ... and we left the subject there.

I organized something beautiful, with all my effort, it cost me money, put everyone together, I made a beautiful romantic dinner individually and one with all his family, mine and friends. Everything was super romantic, beautiful, unforgettable ... and we got engaged.

A week later, he tells me all this, he tells me that he no longer wants to lie and he confesses to me. Then I ask many questions, he responds, and it turns out that he told me a lot of lies.

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