Hello, this is my story. It all started in June 2009 when I entered a new school. I was 13 years old at the time and I was not looking for anything serious, I just liked spending time with friends; until one day a friend told me that a guy from the course (which I did not like at all) liked me. He bothered me all that year to give me a kiss, which he did not get. We finished the year and nothing had happened between us.

The following year, when we started school again in March, he had repeated the course and I had passed the following year. He was much cuter and had caught my attention. We started talking to each other more and a friend we had in common always bothered us that we had to end up together.

One day, we were two friends and he that we had to come to my house to do a "job for school". When we got home, we all started playing like kids, tickling each other until in a moment we were alone and we gave each other our first kiss. We feel a connection that we are staring at each other. Something had awakened in us and we knew that from that moment nothing would be able to separate us.

Weeks later he proposed to me to be the bride. We were only 14 years old and we felt that we loved each other all our lives. We could not believe that something so cute could be true and that from a simple friendship that love could arise. The months passed and the moment arrived that our bodies became one. We made love, our first time I'll never forget. That feeling of infinite fullness to make love to the point of feeling that you no longer exist. That moment in which you could die because you know with all certainty that never in life will you feel anything like it again. It was love, without a doubt everything was love, but the day came when we made the mistake of wanting to make big lives, we started to sleep in our houses together, go to school together and make a life totally married at fourteen. .

There were many fights between us because of jealousy. According to him, I was very nice and I was afraid of getting lost but he became a sick person with jealousy, he had no friends or friends, I was left alone but nothing mattered to me because I had him next to me, he was my life and It was all for me, having him I did not need anyone else by my side.

In December of 2010 I go to a fifteen of a friend, and I make the mistake of being unfaithful. He never forgave me and I did not forgive myself. How could I be so immature and do something like that? He got very angry with me and left in January of 2011 alone with friends and left me alone 400 km away. At first I got very angry, but deep down I knew that I had to pay for my mistake.

To the days he returns and he comes to see me telling me that he missed me and that he loved me, everything went back to being as before and we went on vacation together with his family and mine.

Three months after all the crisis we went through, we celebrated the year of being a couple, a unique moment when we miss school and wake up with a huge breakfast to share and with gifts. I surprised him when I gave him the one he had prepared for him: he had wrapped a box with red paper and he had pasted pictures of us and a balloon in the shape of a heart that said "I love you" was flying out of the box. I can assure you that his face was beautiful and his eyes shone, and inside the box millions of gifts, letters, chocolates, a stuffed animal and things that he liked. We ended the day going to dinner at a restaurant and then at an ice cream shop.

It was all beautiful, our relationship was the most beautiful thing we had, everyone saw us from outside and they always told us how good we looked together because despite the stones that life gave us, we never tire of stumbling and getting ahead. Every day life gave us approval and could never beat us.

But nothing is forever, right? Of course not, the day came, the day of separation, it was August 20, 2011 around seven in the evening at my house, when a simple discussion turned into a war. We were already tired of fighting for anything and that fight was the straw that broke the glass, he left me forever. I had not believed him, I thought that we had no end, that ours was forever, but it always happened to be a simple word that day.

Today after two and a half years, I still see him at school but everyone made his life, and I swear there was not a day I did not think about him. It hurts so much to see him happy without me. Today he has a new partner and he feels happy. Every time we cross glances we can still see the fire that was between us, I believe that nothing died yet, I believe in destiny and hope to get together again I will never lose it. I loved him at age 14 and I still love him at 18. Agustin was my life, he taught me what love is and I know that looks say what the heart does not dare to say.

You never forget your first love. Nobody will ever be able to replace it. The memory is the only paradise from which we can not be expelled. I have all their memories in several boxes of shoes and every now and then I look and cry remembering moments that will not happen again.

S & A never forget it. Forever.

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