I do not know why I love that person

I do not know why I love that person

4years ago I had a relationship at a distance where he is very unhappy, at the end of that relationship months later I was meeting someone. He was such a respectful tender charismatic person, it was all he wanted. It was with the only person who could be tender, loving in the end that person woke up my sentimental side. Our relationship the first 6 months was the best in the world full of understanding, respect, values ​​and love ...

Things began to distort a bit from February 14, in which I felt a very great disappointment that special day we were not together we just talked with a day either nothing gestures on your part or gifts ...

Just a little indifference, I asked him why he acts like this special day and he tells me that he does not believe in that holiday, try to be as comprehensible as possible, things calmed down a bit, to a certain point in which we discussed everything until we reached a point where the relationship was totally destroyed despite the fact that our love was strong, I insisted on continuing to fight for our love but that person never put on his part, said he did not want to be in the same, that he did not want to argue with me let alone make me suffer.

Although deep down I did not resign myself to take that person out of my life, I walked away, although sometimes we always talked to know about our lives. Until there comes a day where I meet a person close to my former partner who tells me intimate things, which turns out that that person had a partner in another country which had wedding plans in order to form a family. I confronted my ex-partner demanding that he explain to me why he did that to me, what I did to deserve that ... I explained everything and I, being so in love with that person, was willing to forgive leaving everything behind and starting over. The only thing that mattered was fight for the love that we had.

As much as I struggled I could not recover that relationship since my former partner was afraid to return to the same thing ... then I find out that he has a couple who got married, even formed his family (my dreams were destroyed) totally of that person.

Then that person looks for me telling me that he realized that the person I love the mostwas me. That although this person with that person knows that his interior the only person that always loved is me. We have maintained a friendship and in spite of so much pain that that person caused me, I still love her with madness and I have the same desire that attracts me. We have tried to be alone together but something always happens, I would like to try again, but he tells me that he can not since he has a family but that the day he will only return to my arms. I do not know what to do with this that I feel I would like to tear that person from my soul as if it never existed, but I can not.

Sometimes I feel that he only wants me to satisfy himself although we have never had any relationship. But he always asks me to be together that he loves me and everything else. I do not know what to do in case I'm with that person I know I will not be doing the right thing but I do not want to lose it forever either. I did not know that being in love with a person is suffering as much as I have. I confess that I am dying to be in the arms of that person who kisses me, cuddles and everything but the conscience will not let me. I have tried to fall in love with another person but it is I can not for as much as I want. I do not know what to do, I know that I dream something ignorant but mostly love in blind and this time it was my turn. I need help advice because I can not with so much pain and anguish of not being able to have that person by my side or losing it I do not know what to do

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