He will always be my first love

                              He will always be my first love

  My name is Azul and I fell in love with the best man in the world, because I am very small, I am barely 14 years old, but what I feel for him is special. I will tell you everything so that they understand me.

I was in the pool with my cousin, she went out for a moment and suddenly a guy came to the pool was super cute and I could not stop looking at him for a while ... Hours later he left, when I was coming out of the pool I looked at him and he also looked at me and at the same time he smiled at me, I was paralyzed and I did not do anything. A few minutes later my cousin and I also left, each one went home and we left to go out at night.

When I went out I saw my friend with that guy in the pool, I asked my cousin who this guy was and he told me "a Sun pretender" a bit sarcastic, I felt very bad because that boy I liked a lot, While my cousin and I sat with them, Sol introduced me and he smiled at me. He told me "my name is Nicolás" and I just smiled. We talked for a long time and Sol left and Nicolás, my cousin and I were talking, my cousin entered her house for a moment and Nicolás told me why she was so shy and I told her I did not know ...

Every day Nicolás would come until one day he saw Sol kissing with another boy, and he did not return for a few days, I felt bad because I had not seen him. Nicholas one day went to my house and asked permission for us to go for a walk, we went out and he took me by the hand and told me that I was very pretty, then he left me at my house and he kissed me on the cheek and he whispered in my ear: "You are my cachetona and chaparrita that stole my heart". I blushed and went into my house, I could not sleep thinking about him.

The next day we left my cousin, Nicolás, Katii (my other friend), Brian (my best friend) and me, my friends only told us "you would be a nice couple" and nico and I just smiled. At one point Nicolás took my hand and came up to me suddenly, I felt a tingling in my stomach, then put his hand on my neck, I knew what would happen and I got stuck, I was very short for him so I climbed on his feet and he gave me a kiss, that was my first kiss and it was very romantic.

Then he put his hands on my waist and lowered me, we stared at each other and felt that it was just him and me. Days later she invited me to eat ice cream and she told me that she would come for me at 8:00, I put on my best dress and I put on makeup, it was already 7:45 and I was very nervous, time flew by, when I saw the clock It was 8:15 and I relaxed, I kept waiting and waiting for a long time, and my eyes crystallized when I saw that the clock read 9:00. I went to my room and I cried for hours.

He called all the time, sent messages, videos and I just rejected it, I got to read a message that said "my little pardon I could not go to our appointment because days ago my mother got sick and I had to go I'm sorry I swear that I'll be back soon. " It hurt me a lot that he did not tell me about his mother and he did not call to tell me he would not come, so I erased everything, the messages, damaged the letters and photos, days went by and there were no calls or anything, I thought it had already been forgotten about me

Two months passed and I met a guy named Kevin, he treated me super well and I liked it. We became boyfriends weeks later, when we completed weeks weeks of being boyfriends I did a very nice drawing, that same day I finished, and the worst thing was that it damaged my drawing in front of me and he threw it in my face and I with a gift that He gave me an anniversary, it was a box that had chocolates, I burned it and threw it in front of him.

When I decided to give up love, someone knocked on my door, I had watery and red eyes, I opened the door and .... It was Nicolás. I just hugged him and cried in his arms, we went out and told him everything that happened with Kevin and he hugged me and said in my ear "no one can love you more than me, do not cry for that fool that I will always be here for you". I blushed and I kissed him on the cheek, then he told me that he lived very far away and that's why he had not called, because the signal was very bad, I forgave him and he proposed that we be boyfriends.

I accepted and we are going to be three months old and although it is 700 kilometers from here we have not finished. We see each other two weeks a month and we are happy and I hope to continue with him many more months and he will always be my first love.

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