My first relationship

                          My first relationship

I always used to go to my aunt on vacation, long weekends, etc. I always looked for an excuse to go, in addition my cousins ​​lived constantly calling me to go, they loved my company and I was happy because I felt like at home there, besides that there socialized more than by my house.

One night in July, my cousins ​​went out, some friends and I went to the cellar to buy dinner, when we were entering the cellar a tall, very thin boy, with white skin, light brown eyes and very well dressed, approached me Senior cousin, he told her he had to ask something important to her. I did not pay much attention and followed what was coming, I entered the cellar with my friends and my other cousin, and I left them talking.

When we left the cellar, my older cousin comes in and goes out with some beers, we all look at each other and ask her ... what about those beers ?, Oh! From Pamela, she exclaimed smiling. (I AM NOT BEBO, I HAVE NEVER LIKED DRINKING) My friend Ariel was the one who gave them to me, to me? I ask, if you, she says, he is for you, and wants to meet you, he said, everyone was surprised because he is one of the most sought-after guys in the neighborhood.

We went to him, and she introduced us, he told me that I was a very beautiful girl and that she loved my beautiful gray eyes that matched my beautiful brown skin color. It made me blush in just a few moments that we talked, it approached me and whispered in my ear you're going to make my girlfriend, I smiled, then he said something that I found a bit strange,

I have to go do something, but see you in a while ... He kissed me on the cheek and left.

On the way home I a little intrigued asked my cousin, why did he say see you in a while? And she tells me ah I did not tell you, I made an appointment with your future husband in half an hour, he wants to talk to you, he wants to know you more, he told me, what? I said, with that skinny guy, it's cute but I do not like it, very skinny for my taste, good talk with him and if you do not like give him a kiss at least, because the beers are already uncovered and I do not know I'm going to give them back, he told me, and he laughed, I wanted to kill him right then, and he told me, look at him, ugly, he does not want many of them to look at them.

Well, I could not pass for bad manners, I had to receive it, so I waited for him to see me, he was going to arrive with two more friends, the boyfriend of my cousin and another who was in love with my other cousin and they were already in the process to make love.

At last he arrived! He went to me and we had a good time knowing each other, we talked very interesting things about our lives, we had many things in common, he is a very interesting, sensitive, and very gentlemanly man ... From one moment to the next he was staring at me with those beautiful eyes that illuminated all her face and those beautiful pink lips that adorned her beautiful face, she approached me she told me some very nice things, and she stole a kiss, I can not deny that that kiss I loved, it was so magical to feel her lips with mine, feeling the warmth of her breath for the first time was phenomenal, it was so pure and tender that I still have not been able to forget it, although I can not deny what I felt either, I felt something a little strange inside of me, Ariel was starting to Like it, it was a small feeling but that feeling was there, and I did not mean to ignore it.

After the spectacular kiss we gave ourselves, he told me that he liked me a lot and that he would like to have something with me ... To be my boyfriend, oh my God, I said inside of me !!! What now? I was lost in his eyes, and I thought, I like it so why not give it a try, and I said yes, I wanted to be his girlfriend, he smiled and we kissed again, the truth is that I wanted to live in his mouth, his lips were so soft, his breath so fresh and his way of kissing for me was spectacular, we said goodbye and exchanged numbers, and everything.

My little bear and I used to see each other during summer vacations, December holidays, weekends, he would visit me or me and so on ... He and I were always in touch, we talked on the phone and we wrote to each other. We went out a lot, to the beach, to the movies, to dinner, we had unforgettable moments, we talked a lot about the future and the babies we were going to have together, he wanted three and I was willing to please him, we thought about the names and everything. At that time we loved each other too much, he loved me a lot, he won my love completely, we were one, well at least that's what I believed, that he loved me.

At the time he was physically changing, he gained some weight and went to the gym and, I was a little muscular, my boyfriend was getting more beautiful, he was great ... he had many women behind and that's why we argued a lot, I'm not a jealous woman but the one that has a store that attends it or that sells it.

One day a woman called him when I was with him, I got very angry because he did not want to take the call because I was there, I asked very serenely, who is that that is calling you? He only told me that it was someone unimportant that he had a much more important issue to attend to at that moment, to me who was visiting him, and he also told me that no matter what women he had behind he only cared about one, his little bear, and that was me. With that response I felt a bit quiet but not quite.

I went to my house and a few days later I received a call from my cousin, she told me that she has been seeing Ariel for some time now with a green-eyed brunette girl, who was accompanying her to school and everything. I felt very bad because I loved him.

He called me and I did not answer him, he wrote me and he did not receive answers ... So we spent a few weeks without knowing anything about each other. I was very angry, because I had the certainty that he was cheating me.

One day he showed up at my house, we went in and there we had a very long conversation, he asked me why he did not answer the calls, that he was very worried because he did not know anything about me, and I told him that I did not call him because he believed that he I cheated with the girl with the green eyes, he denied everything, he told me that he loved me and that he would never be unfaithful, but I knew him, I know he was lying to me. So I gave him a warning, I told him, if I realize that you're really cheating on me with that girl, forget about me because you'll never see me again, he told me not to say that, that he could not live without me, that I was everything to him, and that if someday I failed to forgive him, that his intention was not to hurt me, that he loved me too much and that he could not see himself without me, without his half, in short, we both ended up crying with happiness conversation.

We followed normal boyfriends and I made him believe that I had forgotten that episode. Well, the holidays were just around the corner and I was going to be able to find out what was really happening with the person I loved the most.

The holidays arrived and I went again to where my aunt, my cousin had already spoken with her boyfriend and we were in that he was going to tell me everything, I was a little confused because I did not know with what truth I was going to run into when he came to speak with my cousin's boyfriend, Ariel's friend ... I was afraid that he would confirm that my little bear was really cheating on me.

The night I arrived I became very pretty because I wanted to go see Ariel before seeing me with my cousin's boyfriend, I wanted to give him a hug and kiss him, because I did not know if he was going to do the last time he would. I got home and he was not there.

A little later I arrived at my cousin's boyfriend's house, he told me that Ariel was with the green-eyed girl, her name was Daniela, she told me that she lived looking for him and harassing him, until he fell into his nets, and I went unfaithful, he took her to school and she always went to his house to look for him because Daniela was pregnant with my boyfriend, he complemented me, my half half.

I wanted to die at that moment, I left a sea of ​​tears, ran to my aunt's house and sat on the stairs to mourn for a long time, I cried until I could not anymore, Ariel failed me after so much promised I never would. I went up to the room, packed all my clothes, took a taxi and went home. He never knew about me again, I never came back; he always looked for me, he always called me, he always wrote me, but I never answered, he killed me with his deception.

Five years later I changed my country, Ariel tried to get my number but my cousin never gave it to her, I did not want to.

He wanted an opportunity to explain everything to me but I did not want to hear anything, what would he explain to me if she was pregnant with him, I was very hurt, he knew that I am not one of those who forgive an infidelity and less if he leaves her pregnant. To him that apparently did not matter because he cheated me, he mocked my love.

I, after that, had a couple of more intense relationships there in the Dominican Republic but nobody like my little bear, I will never forget it. Currently 2013, I am 20 years old, I live in the Bronx, in New York, I am single, work and study medicine.

Ariel married Daniela they had their little girl Pamela, she gave my name, after a short time she left Daniela, apparently the relationship did not work. Currently, Ariel is 28 years old, he moved to New Jersey alone, he works, he is an engineer in the system and he has a relationship with a pretty blonde.

After all the time he has spent he keeps looking for me, he added me to Facebook, I gave him the opportunity to explain everything to me after so long, and he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend again, that I would dare to leave his current relationship for me, he told me that he could not forget me and that I am the woman of his life, obviously I told him no, I am afraid he will do the same thing again.

What do you think? Would you give the bear a second chance?

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